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    Dealing with information overload

    I am gonna be frank, I am not the best PVP'er out there, I have always been more of a PVE kind of gal, and I find myself struggling with arenas.
    A lot of it can be due to being absolutely horrible with keybinds, even just simple ones like 1+modifer and so on and therefore I have mostly been a combined keybind+clicker player since pretty much vanilla. I just don't have the muscle memory to remember where everything is on the keyboard. You have no idea how many times I have dismounted myself midflight because I messed up a buttonpress. Another thing is that I just feel so overwhelmed in arenas with everything going on, I simply can't keep up. And as I prefer to play healer, resto shaman mostly, there is a lot for me to do at the same time(interrupt, purge, purify, hex, stun, LoS and ofc heal). I am amazed at people who manage to handle all of these things without messing up. My highest rating was 1549 this season only playing with randoms and I am rather proud that I even got so far with my current gear(ilvl 425). I was really hoping to reach 1600 so I at least could unlock the elite gloves+pants+feet but at this point I doubt I will.
    I use Gladius addon but I don't feel like I manage to utilise it properly due to this information overload.

    How do you deal with all the information you are bombarded with during a match? Have you learned to handle it? Any tips you can give me to handle it?

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    You just build muscle memory, and eventually remember everything.

    When it comes to modifiers, I just have shift and ctrl as modifiers.
    For example, I use the mousewheel to bind 9 keys.

    up: crucible of flame
    shift + up: darkflight (worgen racial)
    ctrl+ up: aspect of the cheetah

    down: barrage
    shift + down: master's call
    ctrl + down: pvp trinket

    press: cobra shot
    shift + press: dire basilisk
    ctrl + press: empty for now.

    Then I have 6 more actions added to my 2 side mouse buttons. Also with shift and ctrl modifiers.

    Btw, I use the right side the keyboard. I use the arrow keys for movement, the above ins, home, pgup etc for some abilities, and the whole keypad for more abilities.

    I have no idea how you guys use the ASDF keys and stuff, I tried, lol.
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    wow's ui is absolutely terrible when it comes to giving you only the information you need and only when you need it.

    Your best move is to replace the entire thing with addons and come up with your own system of visual signaling using things like weak auras. By coming up with a way to combine relevant buffs and debuff indicators in such a way that you can easily grok the situation at a glance you can more easily develop habits such as "if x happens do y" that allow you to react quickly.

    Sometimes I like to imagine what wow would be like if it was developed by a company that cared about quality and users didn't have to build their own ui to play the game.
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