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    Sex is life, literally. The only reason biological life exists is to reproduce.
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    They're not necessary but they sure are entertaining.

    Also I can't recall any time in recent memory that I've been given shit for recommending quality R-rated entertainment. I have been given shit for recommending safe PG entertainment. Nobody believes me when I say I really enjoyed Branagh's remake of Cinderella. One customer still gives me shit for suggesting that he watch the Princess Bride.

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    I guess everyone has their own limits, but wether or not sex or violence are necessary for a szene depends entirely on the szene you are talking about.

    Littlefinger having two hookers in the backround while he is monologing is pretty silly. Jamie and Cersei having sex is necessary for the plot. Same thing with violence.
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    Sex, no.

    Killing, depends

    This has been my argument ever since Game of Thrones became popular. I refused to watch the show in the beginning for what I called the "Porn Interruptions". I've got nothing against porn at all... big fan, even! ((VR Porn be the future! ^_^)) But I also say that I want these things separate. I watch porn for one thing, and I watch TV Shows for a different thing. In a show like GoT, it's story.

    I can see that GoT has (or rather "had", if S8 reactions are to be believed...) a great story behind it, but I got so SOOO tired of the lengthy cut scenes. I'm sitting there going "OK, I GET IT! HE'S Raping his sister! Can we move on with the plot now!?". You can have a woman thrown down on a bed, and a guy rip open her shirt - and then cut to a black screen with a scream to get the same idea rather than a lengthy 5-minute rape scene.

    My point is that Sex scenes - the story completely stops. It Pauses. There's no progress, no evolution, no character development. Just eye candy for the sake of budget-saving titillation.

    Then, somebody countered me with "wouldn't you say the same with Fight scenes?".

    Ahhh, but here you get something different! A CONFLICT! Literally, a fight scene is a distilled essence of a narrative story - the "conflict" of the story comming to a head (When, done right, of course! "They Live" being an example of one NOT being done right. ;P). You don't know who's going to win, and the stakes are usually pretty high at that point, and at least there's interesting choreography with far more options than sex scenes... with a Sex scene, I don't care how much choreography there is - Sex scenes it's obviously both people winning and no story progresses, unless it's rape - and that's already a pretty one-sided conflict right there.

    Now, mindless killing CAN be bad in the case of knockoff torture-porn movies durring the SAW era was bad - but violence can be used narratively to ensew the audience with what kind of crime or emotion behind the character doing the violence and who's being violated to enhance the plot. Again, When done RIGHT.

    One that I"m shocked I really like is "Witcher" on Netflix. They use sex scenes pretty correctly! They're not lengthy like GoT, They're short and usually get to the point - quickly establishing an embrace or change of some kind. Or, even better, to comic relief with "I've brought you your Apple Juice" moment! ^_^ Those guys get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    It's true, the contexts of some stories and their premise demand showing it, they really do, but alot who show it though can convey the gravity and reality without it. Too much vioolence without visual conext encourages violence.. the old 80s/90s argument that wtv made us feel violence was harmlesss because all the cartoons and shows never showed the consequences nor how gruesome and stomach churning those acts were.

    Yet start showing those acts, and the gore gets too much, Tarantino films is your perfect popular example. i would say almost that there are too many films and too many of them are violent. Is the etnertainment generating the apetitie or increasing the apetite, or is there apetite because of human nature? I think human nature means there is apetite for this, but you can successfully navoid a taste or even hunger for it i f you're not exposed to it. Exposure can be dangerous because it can incite or at least enocurage such acts ir, and turth is you shoudln't be exposed to these things unless you were given no other choice - like the car that ran over the person right in front of you while you were looking across the street - you can't help but see that, however if your entertainment has constant traffic accidents with blood spatter all over.. that's another story.
    I was just thinking Tarantino reading this before you mentioned it, but from a completely different angle. In the Mr Blonde scene in Reservoir Dogs, for example, almost everything is to do with what you don't see rather than what's on screen. I wouldn't say that art normalises violence. Ok some art normalises violence, but more often than not it's because the violence is gratuitous. The point is that it's not the portrayal of violence itself which leads to normalisation so much as the manner in which it's portrayed. Done well, violence is unpleasant; something to be avoided.
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    They are not exclusive though. Look at Game of Thrones. Good story. Much sex and violence.

    Movies are special because poeple have to go out of their way to watch them in the Cinema. So they rather go PG13 for more poeple to watch it.

    TV Shows on the other hand can be watched from home and most of the time you allready payed for them so. SO you can get away with mroe sex and violence

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    How else would you make a movie about violence and sex without showing the scenes?

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    Or we don't need to suspend our disbelief at all.

    Oh wait, we do. More sex, horror, violence, rock and roll please and I will happily suspend my disbelief when watching your "chewing gum for the eyes" productions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    Torture porn however, whilst it has its audience, I find to be childish.
    Thats an interesting choice of words xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by kranur View Post
    How else would you make a movie about violence and sex without showing the scenes?
    By alluding to it? I dunno. Seems simple enough.

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    I'd vote for removing excessive violence from movies where it's not necessary, indeed (not speaking of action / horror / thriller ones, of course, where violence, at least to some extent, is an important part of the plot).

    However, I tend to regard lovemaking scenes in a positive way. Sex is an essential part of human relationship, so if it is appropriate, if it is delivered nicely, if it contributes to the plot or even shows off leading actress's charms - why not? To protect children from adult material? C'mon, Internet is full with easy-access erotic imagery, not to mention porn, which any teenager can just find using simple Google search. In comparison to all this explicit content, almost all erotic or sex scenes in mainstream movies are pretty innocent to begin with.

    It should actually depend on parents, whether to show sensitive content to their children or not.
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    Do you think there aren't people getting slaughtered or having sex right this second? Why shouldn't movies depict such a banal occurrence?

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    Depends on your definition of necessary.

    Further, sex and violence is fun to watch, as evidenced by such themes being present in popular media.
    So necessary? No. Will it improve the chances of such media being consumed? Yes. It sells, it stays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerilis View Post
    I'm with you. I mean, I'm mostly okay with (consensual) sex scenes, if it's not overdone, but I can't stand the violence and stuff.

    I'm also mostly avoiding newer productions because it appears to be everywhere nowadays. Feels a bit like we are moving back to Roman times, plebs need their daily games and gore.
    Same here. I'm mostly watching animated movies/tv shows (though I will watch JJBA while skipping certain episodes) now because my anxiety is affected by realistic depictions of people getting hurt.
    For some reason, it's less bad for me if it's animated because it makes it look less realistic. Plus someone sat down and drew everything/worked on a computer, soo I guess it counts as an art for too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwonsamdi the Dead View Post
    Same here. I'm mostly watching animated movies/tv shows (though I will watch JJBA while skipping certain episodes) now because my anxiety is affected by realistic depictions of people getting hurt.
    For some reason, it's less bad for me if it's animated because it makes it look less realistic. Plus someone sat down and drew everything/worked on a computer, soo I guess it counts as an art for too
    I feel the same about animations (as long as it's not too realistic).

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    Remove sex scenes when my parents are watching the movies/series with me. Other than that, let them be :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    What do you mean by "necessary"? They're a storytelling tool, and like all storytelling tools, they can be used well or badly.
    exactly this. you may as well ask if jokes, cast diversity, realistic diction, colour or acceptable breaks from reality are necessary. all are used well by some and badly by others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    You’ve seen killing live?

    The obvious answer is they are dramatic parts of existence that most people don’t see in day to day.

    A show about day to day stuff, like packing lunch for the kids for the 2000th time, wouldn’t be that interesting.
    I'm actually a big fan of the Slice of Life genre, but then again, I might have more experience with death than most.

    I've watched Star is Born twice, and stopped watching it at the same point both times. As commonplace as sex & violence are in media, its rarely done well.

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