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    Quote Originally Posted by Askyl View Post
    No, you're not cynical. Cynical people still argue with logics. You ONLY lash out on stuff you grab onto mid air. That's the difference.
    Learn to pronounce
    adjective: cynical

    believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.
    "he was brutally cynical and hardened to every sob story under the sun"
    doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.
    "most residents are cynical about efforts to clean mobsters out of their city"

    concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted standards in order to achieve them.

    Second one does apply.

    Down to brass tacks though, I don't think #NoChanges should be in the way of some QoL changes, I really don't. Problem is, Blizz has dug themselves a hole with the stance of the majority vote they held, and sharding hasn't helped.

    Blizz, if they keep their word, won't change the Black Lotus problem, to the detriment of players and the in-game economy. If they do, they will recieve flack for going back on their word (again, if you count sharding).

    I will admit to a degree of schadenfreude, as it is my opinion that either way the vanilla cake was sliced, a leg was shot in sacrifice. I would have entertained playing it, had it had some improvements, but alas. Majority voted and thought otherwise.

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    Seems like an entitlement issue to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echocho View Post
    Seems like an entitlement issue to me.
    Although a good chunk of the classic community is awesome, there remains and will always remain a subset of the community, a vocal minority, who are NEVER happy, and yes, will request, or more likely demand #changes that suit there personal playstyle. I think it really tarnishes the rest of the community who are enjoying what they asked for, and what they got.

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    I mean, OP does have a point. People who bring up #Nochanges forget that increasing the amount of players per server was a change to begin with. If black lotus spawns were designed relative to Vanilla player numbers then obviously if that player number is increased 5+ times it creates an issue that didn't exist in Vanilla which breaks #nochanges to begin with.

    I believe the theoretical maximum amount of black lotuses that can be farmed per week would be 672. Probably unlikely that number gets reached but already then we see the issue that if every guild were to flask the demand outweighs the supply by a lot whereas in actual Vanilla most servers wouldn't have had 600 people raiding to begin with.

    Should Blizzard do something about it? I don't know, as others have pointed out you don't "need" to flask so it's possible to prepare for Naxx and maybe AQ40 beforehand by stocking up. Then again, as OP points out even if it's not "needed" people still do flask for all kind of reasons even now and have done so for weeks so it's hard to tell how much is consumed per week right now and how much is actually stockpiled and ready to use for when it's actually needed.

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    There will be a small handful of players left anymore when AQ40 and Naxx hits, so it might not be that big of an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaace View Post
    Since this thread started, the black lotus on my server has gone from a 60~g average, to over 100g...

    I've found 2 in my life...
    I know a few guildies with over 100...

    100% they do. lol
    Maybe on cringe servers like gehennas or faerlina
    Legion is the worst expansion
    BFA=Blizzard Failed Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shalaator View Post
    If it's not done in a day I'll be shocked. Guilds will need 250+ Nature resist on their soakers though if stam flasks aren't available.
    Yeah just like tanks will need 300FR to tank MC just like back in the day?

    I dare say resistances will see little to no play at all ever in Classic, except maybe for a fight or two in Naxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    Yeah just like tanks will need 300FR to tank MC just like back in the day?

    I dare say resistances will see little to no play at all ever in Classic, except maybe for a fight or two in Naxx
    AQ40 will be closer difficulty wise than MC was compared to vanilla, AQ40 was patch 1.9 (I think), so many of the buffs we have in 1.12 were already present.

    It's easy to get 250+ NR though. You should only need around 200 if you have decent healers, and guilds will probably only use 1 tank.
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