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    Suspicious the Alliance would start the next war - howz that make you feel?

    It's just the way the factions ended the war that leads me to suspect this.

    How does that make you feel? Just sick of yet more Horde/Alliance conflct especially since blizzard stated the 2 factions are to stay because this defines warcraft.? Or

    are you excited for the Alliance being the aggressor?

    By the looks of this, the alliance almost signed apeace treaty, but Tyrande busted it, and walked out, with everyone following her on the Alliance side.

    But on the horde, everyone actually seems willing to sue for peace and were all in unison.

    They actually made it look genuine for the first time (horde side) that peace will be achieved, if the alliance doesn't demand payment in blood for their lost. Which puts the peace onus on the alliance.

    Would you make peace if you knew the horde would genuinely stick to it this time?

    Tyrande did provide an opt in - the Banshee's blood, she won't sign a peace treaty unless it is written in the Banshee's blood..

    What non-violent options do you think would convince the night elves to sign peace treaty?

    Paths to Peace

    More realistically speaking, if blizz don't do the usual, hey peace because we say so , and everything si fine until they want another war and oh..war again...The night elves would need an excellent guarantee, that goes beyond the horde's word.

    1. De-militarise the horde, WW2 style - which won't happen because the alliance didn't win the war, it was a tie

    2. Night elves also join the horde leadership and sit on horde affairs. It's the only way they can ensure their lands are not only protected, but the horde will never become an enemy to them.

    In-game: This could mean night elves on both factions. Which then begs the question.. Is faction identity hurt if one more alliance race and a horde race become available to both factions?

    Faction Review 2.0

    How can we keep the horde and alliance sufficiently distinct and yet allow a measure of cross faction play and the fantasy for those who want their WAR in Warcraft to be against non-player factions rather than player factions, whiles still allowing conflict to be mainly between the 2 factions? And how can we actually genuinely show a situation where there is plausible peace without some measure of interfaction play.

    I have a solution:
    1. Allow any individual player to switch factions with their character, but it is a long and tedius process that's roughly equal to levelling from 1 to 60 (shadowlands max level)) again.

    2. In the lore (so not players, but the races themselves) Keep the original or core horde and alliance races firmly on the horde. i.e. Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes + Worgen for Alliance, then Orcs, Tauren, Trolls for horde
    for the remaining, have them have 2 identifiable factions in each, 1 that is whole heartedly for their faction and against the opposite faction and the other friendly to the opposite side:

    Players who switch factions in these races have support from members of their race still friendly with their original faction.

    • Night elves: Faction friendly to horde are actually monitoring them to ensure they never attack the kaldorei
    • Blood elves: Faction friendly to the alliance are actually an Auric Sunchaser High elf group accepted in Silvermoon (not Silver Covenant High elves)
    • Draenei: Shattered Sun Faction is friendly with the blood elves and open to the horde
    • Forsaken: Lightforged faction is friendly to the alliance led by Calia Menethil
    Goblins: Steamwheedle Cartel is friendly to the alliance

    Allied Races:

    • Void Elves,
      Mechagnomes, Kul'tirans on the alliance and
    • Nightborne, Highmountain & Vulpera

    Are actually societies that are fine with working with the other faction because of racial ties or history. Kul'tirans have the Freehold pirates.

    now these are chosen because they exist in lore, and people can identify them. The reason they work is that they don't dilute the faction identity because their situations really make sense (like the night elf one) or have been around for ages like the Shattered Sun and High elf ones.


    The reason this works is that these groups have legitimate grounds to have a measure of friendship to the other race, whiles the core WC2/3 horde alliance race are still staunchly so. This way the identity of the horde and alliance aren't compromised whiles having some leeway in a number of races to reflect that peace.

    Game Mechanics:
    When you switch faction, you no longer group or guild with your original faction, but do so with your new faction. If you're a core race you're a lonewolf, if you're one of the other races, you have lore support from some members of your faction that don't mind.

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    At this point the alliance starting a war would be totally justified the night elfs even more so after the tree.

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    I'm done with faction war. Please keep it away from WoW for at least a few expansions.

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    They should have started the last one in BfA. At this point another faction war would be fucking dumb.

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