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    My tip. Don't make her. Let her decide if she wants to play or not and respect her decision. I very much doubt you would like it she makes you do things that you do not like.
    I do those things all the time because I love her. And no one is making her, she is willing to give it a shot. It's as if you think I have a hostage... lol

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    My wife was a minimal / non-gamer. I got her into WoW when BC launched (happen to time when she was recovering from a surgery). I think the key was that we started out together. I created a new character to match with hers, took the time to walk her through character creation (she takes a *lot* longer than I do), and then we hit the ground at Level 1.

    She had a *lot* of questions, including things that you would never think to question as an experienced gamer. I remained patient and took my time to explain. I'm sure other players were wondering what the heck we were doing (I'm might diverge for a bit to show her something or how to do certain things) at times, but she picked up things quickly enough.

    We played together pretty consistently for several days before I had to go to work, and by that point she understood the game pretty well and could do things with other characters (we kept the initial characters together all the way to max level) when I wasn't able to play.

    We ended up getting along with another person and eventually formed our own raiding guild that was rather successful. She wouldn't top meters, but she understood the game well enough to be very good about minding her activities (e.g. keeping her sheep cc'd, not pulling threat too often) which was rather valuable in those days and the success of the guild overall was as much a credit to her as to me and our friend.

    I think the big secret is to not get impatient. Take your time, enjoy the game, and show her interesting things.

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    I’ve tried with my wife and she just doesn’t get the game. We can play some coop games sometimes but WoW just isn’t her jam at all. I think it’s the concept of it not having an end that she doesn’t like.

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    You don't want her playing it. If she's not into games then you will just waste your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    As a woman who found husband in wow during Cata and still married to this day, I'd say there's a difference between "man that's interested in you" and "man who's interested in owning a gf and you're just meant as a way to achieve that goal". I've met my dose of creeps too. Been playing wow since TBC, introduced by irl friends (they quit after wotlk, I didn't), so can't exactly say about "how to lure a woman into wow" or "how to make a gamer out of someone who never played video games", because that wasn't my case.

    And the luck part... out of 10 players there's 9 guys and 1 girl, and the girl can be in relationship, not looking, wrong age bracket, living too far and not interested in relocating. From numerical standpoint the advantage is on the girl's side. You want the reverse sign up for dancing or yoga classes. Friend of my husband signed up for tango and he was surrounded by girls.

    I know I was probably supposed to insert some meme answer here, but can't think of anything funny right now.
    No, no memes needed, I think it's awesome that people can find each other through something like World of Warcraft and similar stuff.

    And more and more women playing games, also very cool!
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    #1 tip for getting your SO into WoW....

    Don't get your SO into WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unbound View Post
    She had a *lot* of questions, including things that you would never think to question as an experienced gamer. I remained patient and took my time to explain.
    Agreed with that part, when you're new to any game, there's usually a lot of stuff veteran players treat as "obvious" so it's often not even stated in any guides.

    I saw that myself when my husband convinced me to give path of exile a try, there's a lot of "hidden" knowledge there so having someone to explain you the "noob" questions helps a lot (helped me to avoid the syndrome of "your first character always sucks" that people talk about in poe), but on the other hand I didn't want him to boost me or give me gear / currency because that kinda... ruins the fun of feeling your character progresses.

    Similar in wow, I've seen people who offer new players "I'll boost you through dungeons", "I'll help you level", but that kinda removes the immersion you can create by progressing at natural pace. It makes the game boring. Same reason why I never give stuff to beggars, I believe in "teach the man to fish instead giving man a fish", but that assumes someone wants to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by october breeze View Post
    Pro tip: don't.

    Get out of this nerd world. Go out with her, do exercise, go to beach with her, go cycling, jogging, go to a dance club, enjoy your life with her.

    Stop the WoW man. It is not worth it anymore.
    A hobby is a hobby. Dunno why you think those are inherently "better."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stricks View Post
    I could see this working. Maybe we can be in the same room playing, but she can be level 1 and I will be playing my other chars. I will be there if she has questions.

    Also I debated at Classic vs Retail... I don't know which we should do. Classic is simpler, but also less forgiving so I am stuck on which to pick. I am currently knee deep in Classic as well...
    You could also play with her but only be a follower, don'd lead her into things you already know, let her discover stuff and follow her in that adventure basically.
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    Tell her to play hunter so she can collect hunter pets. And non-combat pets.

    Also loz:botw is very much a different type of game. She might enjoy that but not wow.

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    Thanks for the responses! There are Good, Bad, and Ugly ones, but I got a lot out of this already

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    Make a deal with her that you'll spend time trying one of her hobbies if she tries out WoW. If you hold up your end of the deal, she will hold up her end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stricks View Post
    I do those things all the time because I love her. And no one is making her, she is willing to give it a shot. It's as if you think I have a hostage... lol
    If you do things because you love her, then I am guessing she did not have to make you do them?

    I was simply responding to what you wrote.

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