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    Friendly Alpaca (Uldum)

    Hey all,

    Exploring around Uldum I found a random daily quest marker on my mini map (30, 28 marker but patting south) that was the Friendly Alpaca and reading up on it. It apparently requires 7 days of finding and feeding it, does anyone know? As well as anyone have any other locations spotted?

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    Make sure to call out when you find it, others can feed it within a certain time frame.

    I'm getting that darn alpaca.
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    You need 7 Gersahl greens, because you have to feed it just one every day for seven days, which means finding it every time.

    I dunno if the one in Voldun is the same or not.

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    Vol'dun alpaca is much rarer, you only need to find it once to get the mount, and you feed it greens sold by every BFA food vendor.

    Interestingly, the Uldum alpaca seems to spawn on every server simultaneously, as I saw a ton of groups up in group finder for it that all went away in about 45 minutes. Don't know if that applies to Vol'dun also, wouldn't surprise me.

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    As much as i want it, ground mounts are useless right now

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