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    I don't know why there wasn't at least reverb.

    Also, the paywall is just like how DH were locked behind at paywall pre-order, it is consider a new feature ... that was to be expected.

    Hopefully during Shadowlands they'll add undead skins to the allied race DK... I would honestly prefer that over new allied races right away.
    Some reports that hopefully it is a bug. Can't confirm though I didn't get to play much last night. I only played my KT DK and it had no DK voice. Some people claim Vulpera has it so maybe it's a bug.

    Usually when things like this are added they stay that way. Look at how horrible the Nightborne as a race are - there have been no fixes despite a shit tonne of feedback.

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    At the very least, I expected Bolvar to break free from his ice prison and start rallying the forces. But I guess they're saving that for 9.0? The Sylvanas cinematic feels so out of place it's hard to figure out when exactly in the timeline that's intended to occur.
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    It seems that I'm glad my DK started way back when the class was still a hero class.
    Had fun then...oh shit, there's that "F" word...
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