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    Teleport to battle pet dungeon BRD question..

    Last night i cleared a normal Blackrock Depth battle pet quest and for some reason i am unable to teleport there after clearing and receiving teleportation. For some reason i cannot teleport there and look everywhere, i'm not sure if it's bugged. I'm not sure if anyone get this issue or is it just me?
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    Same, can't see the teleport on the elemental.

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    If you have the old drill buried in your bank you can teleport to the entrance of BRD.

    I'm sure if you can't tele back after beating it the first time that's a bug, report it. Just saying in the mean time.
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    I think you have to do the 'heroic' version of it to unlock the teleport? I might be wrong.

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    Nvm it got fixed a while back. Delete this thread.

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