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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    I suppose with the world first race, we will see how people actually do have alts to test mechanics.

    Now...sure, those are maniacs...but on the other hand: If every one else has this problem with catching up alts...then certain you can raid with a group of catch up altoholics.

    Unless ofc your goal is to bring your alts into the latest content so they can be as geared as your main.

    Which opens up the debate of what is a main, what is an alt. Maybe I am more in the "I don't care" camp, because ever since Classic and in TBC I just could never bring an alt (gear / attunements). WotLK actually was the greatest time. my main raided progressively and my alts were in 10 man normal groups or did Naxx. At no point did I expect my alts to ever be able to enter the progression raid.

    Sure, there were times when we lost important members and somebody geared an alt to take the role - but then the raid helped (and if sometimes means losing painful weeks of progression)

    So...I guess most of all I am curious what exactly y'all are doing on your alts and expecting them to be able to do?

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    Seeing that you joined in 2012, you must be aware that the very same thing was regularely said about Ghostcrawler. Seeing I joined here in 2008 (and was a lurker before), I can tell you the same thing was said about the lead devs before Ion and GC.

    "Blizzard - killing the game since 2005 thanks to their "lack of vision and horrible game design" - sincerely your forum posters ^^
    It's more true now than it was then to be honest. Ghostcrawler i thought did a good job but it was Activision's interference that screwed it all up. Ion just isn't a game developer. He's a lawyer posing as one.

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    Well, I spent ages doing the chain on my main, because I did the side quests and dailies as I went. So today I grabbed an alt (ilevel 315) and went through, doing the main questline only. 3-1/2 hours in and I got into the first actual vision. At that point the game dumped me out with a "Your gametime has expired" message (5 minutes earlier it had said "You have 30 minutes of gametime left"), so I called it a day. I'm sure with practice and focus that could come down to 3 hours, but all that travelling takes a lot of time, and the assaults aren't fast either, especially if your ilevel isn't 8.2 high m+ or mythic raid level.

    That's a lot of time to spend just to be able to do the new content. Compare with Timeless Isle where you could just turn up and do it, and tokens were so common that you alts could have a full set of armour immediately. Even Tanaan (which I didn't much like) was more alt friendly than this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somewhatconcerned View Post
    Seriously. These are the same people that apparently do have the time to level 50 alts but then complain about a relatively short quest chain.

    Playerbase doesn't even know what it wants anymore. Most people just shake their fist at the sky and complain about _________.
    Take your time and realize that different people complain about different things.

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    A 3 hour quest chain in a patch that will last ~a year, that rewards an orange item you will be using and gradually upgrading throughout the patch, that has the most alt-friendly catchup mechanic we've probably ever seen is alt-unfriendly?

    8.3 in itself is incredibly alt-friendly as all the content takes minimal amount of time to complete.

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    It's really not. Having a great lump of time be spent opening content (and remember a new L120 has to open the 8.2 content first) before you can engage the content is junk, even if the rest is supposedly quick and easy (note - by previous standards it's not especially).

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    So...spending 2 hours to get BIS item for the slot is what killing alts?
    Half of that time is visions. So doing visions is killing alts? What if they give us that cloak for free so we can upgrade doing visions?
    Interesting thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sativex View Post
    It's at the MOP portals in SW/Org for Uldum and for Vale take the Jade Forest portal from SW/Org.
    Yeah, that I knew, takes way too long to get anywhere
    -=Z=- Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek! -=Z=-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phlegethon View Post
    Yeah, that I knew, takes way too long to get anywhere
    30 seconds is too long to fly?
    You want a teleport from mob to mob too, maybe a instakill button well we're at it?
    Quote Originally Posted by GrinnersGrin View Post
    If Tinkers aren't the next class in WoW I'll shit in my hands and clap then eat my shoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dikka View Post
    So...spending 2 hours to get BIS item for the slot is what killing alts?
    Playing the game is killing alts. Its not fair that we should have to play the game. /s

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