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    Nope doesn't work with bnet balance. Sucks balls. Token subs are second grade citizens yet again (Sylvarian dragon also didn't work with tokens / bnet balance, only ship did).
    really? strange, they gave me the boat when they did it with the boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ojblade View Post
    really? strange, they gave me the boat when they did it with the boat.
    Boat worked. Sylvan dragon didn't. This one doesn't. Friend tried to buy the promo with bnet balance, and it refused to take it instead kept asking for a credit card. I literally said in the post you quoted that the ship worked and the dragon / rat don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    With all due respect, if you're purchasing a 6 month subscription, and a mount at the time of purchase is included in that offer, you ARE buying the mount as well, you're paying for the mount AND the sub.

    Sure the price is the same, but all that means essentially is that the cost of the subscription is reduced by however much the mount is worth.

    It is not a gift, it is a deal, an offer no matter how you spin it, one I will not partake in.
    No you are not. You are solely purchasing the 6 month subscription because you are paying the same price you would be paying before they gave away the mounts. You pay the subscription price and you get the mount free. The only one spinning here is you to fit your false narrative

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Yes they can or at least they did for me.
    Well they responded a copy-pasted response and so they couldn't do anything

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