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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    I mean a lot of people called that before it even released because it was just to blatantly obvious that the story would eventually veer into OG territory.

    Not to mention that the "faction war" had some other impetus than faction tensions, although we didn't know what it was back then.
    That is what I mean. People had already guessed the build-up as well. Think Mechagon was partly the only joker in the whole deck.
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    One day after a huge patch kinda tells me they didn't abandon anything. Quite the contrary. The clickbait is real in the the title of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snaggahoolin View Post
    Oh yeah? Tell me one update in the old world that is not for endgame since Warlords of Draenor. Except Uthers Tomb.
    You just removed one update from the list. Else, mounts is another update that isn't endgame content. You have as well Ogrimmar and Stormwind updates that are not considered endgame.
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    It was for sure redirected in a different direction after the negativity at launch.

    They probably decided to cut their losses and put more resources on SL like they did with Legion during WOD.

    In all honesty, it’s actually not a bad expansion, one of the better ones, lot of solid ideas, but the issues it did have were pretty glaring I suppose.

    I think people forget how boring the older expansions were most of the time you played and just remember the good moments because of how long it’s been, but this honestly was one of the better ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    WoD was abandoned.

    BfA wasn't abandoned, it just sucks balls.
    Even then the decision to "abandon" WoD happened in between the time it was announced and the time it was released. The changes that were made to remove Farahlon and merge it's story into Gorgrond as well as redo all the zones to have flying, if what I remember from some stories from back then from Beta testers, wasn't made post launch. Game development for a game this big doesn't happen that fast.

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    I don't feel like BFA has been abandoned at all, it feels like a full expansion. I mean WoD felt abandoned. It's night and day compared to BFA.

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    Dont like BfA but I like 8.3 for now. Lets see if i can handle killing rares and doing dailies for 10 more months..

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    That’s precisely one of the reasons Mechagon was bad, because you could fly. Flying ruins the game. And this is coming from someone with near 400 mounts.
    This adds no weight to your opinion.

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    I think Blizzard abandoned all of it's BFA ideas (Azerite gear, islands, Warfronts) because they were all terrible.
    The actual expansion I would describe more like an epic comeback than anything even close to giving up. They threw content and system at us like their live depended on it. And some of them are actually fun to play and worth keeping for the next one.

    The story was pretty much doomed from the start anyways. So .. yeah it sucks, but what is a writer supposed to do with "write a morally grey faction war where one side is the clear villain and the other side is barely there. Also the villains are trying to save the world at the same time. They are also being misled by their villainous leader. But they can follow her by pretending to not follow her and then not follow her and save the world again. Oh also lots of old god plots. And Aszhara. And a rebellion. And Jaina dealing with her stuff. And we need lots of death god stuff. make that cohearant!" So i wouldnt call that abandoning. I would call that failing at an impossible task. Hopefully shadowland is more focused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverlightning View Post
    This adds no weight to your opinion.
    SoMeOnE doEsNt lIkeFly Ing

    MusTFinD A way To atTacK Them!

    Also, he's right, lol.

    Flying makes zones shittier.

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    Expansion title: Battle for Azeroth
    End of expansion: Battling the last Old God for the fate of Azeroth.

    OP: Why did Blizzard abandon the expansion?
    Me: What?

    We literally lost a raid in WoD ... we were supposed to have a Shattrath Demon Raid.
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    I wonder the next expac is not "return to pandaria" if we consider the focus on reused assets from it.

    Seems they love Pandaria really much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xStevooo View Post
    There's tons of them my man, use other launchers to take a look - just had 12 days of Christmas with Epic Games so there's a few decent games there to try. Steam/Origin/Epic Games and do some research you might find some things you enjoy.
    But please, name some better games. I did the 12 days of Christmas with Epic too. I bought several games on Steam. There were great games, some games I thought I like but in the end didn't played a lot... but I am not able to compare any game I bought with WoW and state that it's better. Every game I bought and played was entirely different. There were even games without any story, even when a story would be good for it.

    WoW sure has it's errors, I am not denying that. But speaking generally maybe people shouldn't exspect something from a game that this game isn't supposed to deliver. And you can't argue about what is good or bad in a game, when all the arguments are just personal perceptions and preferences.

    I have seen more bugs in Fallout 4 or Skyrim in a week than in WoW in all the years I have been playing it. I enjoyed the story in Secret World more than any other game. But The game itself was nothing I enjoyed for long. I do like Anno 1800. But I resort to cheats in the endgame.

    You know what I realized long ago? That if a game is good or bad depends on me. Am I having fun with the game? Do the bugs ruin my experience? Or do they disturb me a little and are forgotten in a few minutes? Or do they even make me laugh? (Just saying... helicopter cat)
    There are game I suck at and still love them to play. And there are games I am pretty good at but don't like to play them often.

    In the end, all these rants about why a game, any game, is soooo bad and the company making it is so terrible are just ridiculous. What is it? Are you angry and want to vent? That's okay, just state that first. Do you think you know best? Sorry, you don't. Are you envious that someone enjoys something you hate? Don't bother about them, find something you are happy about. Or are all those just giant a**holes that need to validate their screwed up self image by provoking others on the internet?

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    I don't think they ever put all that much effort into BfA. And I'm not just being negative, I genuinely think they wanted to just ride Legion's coattails for a while longer at little cost.

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    Expansion no, but they clearly gave up on some systems they introduced, like the azerite neck and all the traits etc. They completely remade that and introduced 100 systems on top of that seemingly from scratch. Not sure if it's for better or for worse. My focus is not on endgame pve anyway so idc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry123 View Post
    it's not the first time when blizz kick expansion in x.1
    the story looks silly due to gaps. I think the story went wrong as originally conceived.
    what do you think, what was abandoned?
    I don't think there has been any (relevant) content cut off in BfA, except maybe the Barrens warfront. And that really isn't a huge loss imo BfA may have lots of flaws, but cut off content isn't one of them.
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    I love seeing this tired excuse: "every expansion has been dailies, deal with it" because it explains why I skipped Cata, Panda and WoD, lmao. That excuse is still bad though, because BFA is the first expansion with no class, no race, no talents and no tier sets and Shadowlands is looking to be more of the same.

    People defending this are literally defending cutting content for the same price.

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    I think WoD was abandoned but BfA is just smoke and mirrors. It's worked in Legion (7.2). I'm talking about OUTDOOR content, not RAIDS, because we ALWAYS get raids. ALWAYS.
    To me it's very clear that patches get smaller and smaller, we maybe get one bigger (8.2, 7.3, 6.2), but everything else (x.1 patches) is just meh. AGAIN: OUTDOOR CONTENT.
    So nowadays everyhing relies on the initial box sells and launch experience, hence the expacs are soooo frontloaded. To me it seems the devs are experimenting on the playerbase to see just how little (read: cheap) content is enough for people to stay subbed. WoD was a flop, Legion was "too much", BfA is "just enough". The careful drip feeding of every tiny piece of content was so so apparent. Add the three, 6 month sub mounts into this.

    Shadowlands is gonna be interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyrja View Post
    Dont like BfA but I like 8.3 for now. Lets see if i can handle killing rares and doing dailies for 10 more months..
    Spoiler, doubt we will....
    Quote Originally Posted by Firedemon View Post
    No. On these forums any updates mean an expansion hint.
    Wrathin comes back? Dragon expansion clearly!
    LK part of a quest? Wotlk 2 clearly!
    Sylvanas working with a death master? Shadowlands clearly!

    At the point we're headed for Wrath of the Shdowlands Dragon Isles Lich and tinkers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix123mko View Post
    Actually they sometimes do. After all, Blizzard won't punish artists for doing additional stuff for free.
    The artists get paid for that work, whether it’s used or not. They’re not doing it from home, they’re doing it at work.
    Quote Originally Posted by zenkai View Post
    100:1 odds that he wont
    Quote Originally Posted by freefolk View Post
    Okay. I'll stop sharing my views.

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