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    Synergy PVP Community Discord!

    hey guys! we just hit our goal of over 2000 members so I figured I'd make a post here. Synergy is a PVP community that does frequent RBGs as well as providing a place to link PVP streams, find partners for 2s, 3s, and RBGs, ask questions, and talk about all things PVP. (all streamers are welcome to post their PVP streams whenever they go live in the appropriate channel!)

    we have also hosted many 3v3 and 2v2 tournaments, for gold, or even cooler prizes! (we've had cash pool prizes, gaming headsets, mice, keyboard, etc.) we use a community drafted system to provide a new type of balanced team design which allows people of all experience levels to compete and have a chance to win, which has been really hype each time.

    pvp can be pretty dang toxic, and tryin to build this community has saved me from my own toxic tendencies (which were really really bad...and still need work lmao), but the community has had some amazing q sessions, some awesome tournaments and events, and a ton of fun. all of which I've highlighted on my stream to remind us all ppl can still have fun in pvp in this game lmao.

    feel free to check it out if you might be interested, love u


    TLDR; if you're struggling to find groups and you wanna q some games in bfa season 4 feel free to pop in the discord and say hi. also toss your armory in the armory-links section and I'll hit you up with a sweet pvp role so you can feel cool

    we also have in-game communities (2 at cap, 1 climbing now) for finding teams.

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    Ive joined this community and its actually really awesome. The members are super fun to play with and the groups are good at winning for once. I was able to get my first 1800 in rbgs with these dudes and MAN was it a good experience. 10/10

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    Is it for EU and NA? or just one of those regions?

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