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    Vision of perfection

    So im just coming back from a really long break. I see that mechagon is on heroic lfg now. Are we able to get the vision of perfection essence and upgrade it through heroics or is it still mythic drops only? I dont mind doing mythic but if it drops on heroic why not lol

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    Can be done on heroic, certain about that. Not ENTIRELY certain how long it takes, if someone already tried it maybe they will be able to help you more.
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    You can get it on heroic, yes. The mechagon heroic dungeons don't have a lockout for some reason, so you can spam it through lfg. You can get multiple sprockets for rank 3 a day, but the drop rate isn't amazing. It was 20% for me - 2 in 10 runs.

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    Yeah it drops on heroic and there's something weird with rank 3 items going on... Rank 1 and 2 seems to be 100% chance, but rank 3 is weird... it's clearly not 100%, but first run of the day feels like it drops 100%, after that it can still drop but with much lower chance or something... Still an improvement compared to pre 8.3.

    They should really fix other essences so they are obtainable much faster, like Vision of Perfection now...
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    They really should. After coming back from this break the going back for essences kinda makes me not want to go on my alts. If anything maintain at most 2 characters.

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    Heroic Workshop can drop one rank 3 item but not guaranteed (haven't tested the 1st day run rule). I got one on my first heroic run of the day.
    Normal mythic can now drop 1-2 rank 3 items (up from 1). I got two yesterday when I ran it, some people in my group got one.
    I think HM Normal Mythic is still 2 rank3 items always.

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    can confirm that 1st run is NOT guaranteed to be a r3 token drop.
    went there yesterday after getting the r2 the day before, only dropped azerite for me on the first entry.

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    My DK had 2/4 so I decided to grind it from heroic. Rouhgly 20 runs to get the last 2.
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