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    I fully expected her to win (and fully agree that the story needed her to win), but the moment and the battle itself would have been more epic and interesting if it hadn't been so one-sided.

    When he stood up and channeled the power of that mace to convert all of his burns to frost energy, I was like 'oh shit! This is going to be epic!' Instead, we got what was basically a cat playing with a mouse. There wasn't anything epic about it, at least not in my opinion.

    Its great that he's still alive (however 'alive' he is at this point) but is there going to be a payoff for that? After BFA's mediocre storytelling, I'm not holding my breath.
    Except what you're missing here is that in this confrontation Sylvanas was the mouse. While she got magical powers to subdue Bolvar after he was weakened by betting smacked in the head with a boulder and fighting in general, when it comes to physical combat it was a classic case of David vs Goliath. I.e. the nimble Elven archer Sylvanas vs brute force incarnate Bolvar. The whole point was that Sylvanas had to dodge everything thrown at her because had Bolvar's hammer connected like you want she'd be smashed before Bolvar got weak enough. Also, Bolvar's badassery as a Paladin consisted of nothing more than killing some lowly ghouls at the Wrathgate. And it wasn't even fully known whether he's even a Paladin at the time or not. The confirmation that he is came only in 3.3.

    That's not to say the fight wasn't without any issues. Blizzard has some inexplicable tendency of giving Sylvanas new powers each time they have her fight rather than make her use her already impressive powers again. Which is kinda random and as such I guess it can play into the feeling of Sylvanas winning as if nothing ever phased her. Instead of random arrows of magical chains she could have at the very least used the exploding shadow arrows from BfA cinematic, not to mention things like her wail.
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    I get what you're saying.

    On the other hand at this rate Bolvar's so-called greatness is entirely an informed attribute. In classic his only claim to fame was being too weak minded to avoid being mind controlled by Onyxia and allowing Stormwind to fall apart. All he did at Wrathgate was smack a few ghouls and disarm a vrykul before dying of poison. We had guys like Varian talking about how Bolvar was one of the best humanity had to offer that it seemed doomed to lose, and Arthas gloated about him being a replacement champion on Tirion's level. But the thing is, we don't see any of this. His performance against Sylvanas, despite popular opinion, lines up with how I've viewed his power level: subpar. He's a replacement for everything. Replacement king cause Onyxia couldn't brainwash Varian. Replacement Lich King cause he knew he was inferior to Tirion and didn't want him to get caught by it.

    TLR I feel Bolvar has been overestimated by the playerbase and him losing to Sylvanas was reasonable.
    i dunno, i distincly remember bolvar roflstomping a bunch of dragonkin elites in vanilla, when onyxia was going after anduin as a child. dude straight up tanked them all, stunning them and mollywopping them by himself.

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