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    About to Donate to Bernie, but don't want spam mail

    I was about to donate to Bernie because of all the shit CNN and Warren did to him, but then I thought "I'm going to get spam emails and mail sent to my house for the rest of my life. I'll get put in some database and forever be asked for money." If I just want to donate 10 dollars and never be bothered again is it possible to do so or will my data be circled around and get stolen and used for years to come? I also dont want to have my political stance to be a public record if I donate to a candidate. Would it be bad for an analyst to support Bernie with a donation? Would I get blacklisted by future companies even if that technically isnt legal?. am I being too paranoid?
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    If you donate $200 or more then by law the campaign has to disclose your donation and will be viewable on the FEC's website.

    Under $200 and it won't be disclosed, but the campaign will still have your information. And keep in mind that's $200 total. So if you donated say $150 now and then later donated another $50 the campaign would be required to disclose your info.

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