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    And you should read my answer. Actually, Hazzikostas is in charge for World of Warcraft. So it is not about a "cliche".
    I see literacy isn't your strong point. You're just still heaping blame onto Ion because he is a convenient target. This has not changed since he took over as "the face" when Ghostcrawler left for Riot Games. Funny thing is people said the same shit about him then as they did now... even though Tom Chilton, who is now over in Blizzard's incubator, and J Allen Brack were sitting above him on the totem pole.

    That is not Koticks fault, it is the fault of the guy that decided what has to receive the most effort.
    And this goes to show just how ignorant and uninformed your opinion is. Or that you are incredibly naive. Do you honestly think he just decides based on what he wants? Blizzard has its own data sciences team. World of Warcraft records everything we do. Back in Burning Crusade a CM demonstrated that they can read what you typed in Guild Chat at least six months ago. They are going to go with what the metrics tell them that people are engaging in.

    This is nothing new. This is why LFR was created. It was either Ghostcrawler or Ion who stated that LFR was created specifically to get more eyeballs into raids because then they could justify paying the millions of dollars to design a raid. Since you're obviously a new player, you might not realize that Naxxramas was used twice in the game. LFR was created to prevent that from happening again. Black Temple, according to a Blue Post on the original WoW Forums that existed from Vanilla to Cata, put a price tag on Black Temple being at around $6,000,000. And not even a quarter actually raided it and that was even after they removed all attunments at the request of higher-end raiding guilds. They could not justify creating content that no one would use.

    So if you insist on sticking to that angle, then Ion is just listening to what the data records are showing him that the majority of players are doing. That is not his fault.

    Edit: Fixed figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidwielder View Post
    They are far too simple, with far too long respawn timers with drop rates that make you want to eat glass.

    Sure, Mechagon and Nazjatar had some annoying World Quests and dailies but nothing of this kind. A damn shame but this can be changed/fixed.
    You clearly haven't played Nazjatar during the first week, did you? *PTSD intensifies at the mere thought of gathering more seaweed*

    Dailies usually start fucked, and need hotfixes. Blizzard is weird. But so are the players who always get surprised by this, when it happens EVERY. SINGLE. PATCH.
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    All these people complaining and I’m sitting here thinking “Welp, Blizzard is starting to make their change to be more like Classic.”

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