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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCowdog View Post
    That's definitely a good point.

    IMO, it's a product of Blizzard attempting to pad the amount of time it takes to complete various objectives. And, in some ways more important to them, the ability to PREDICT how much time it's going to take players to complete those objectives. This is a clear result of the monthly sub model, and a result of the influence that the mobile game design is having on the gaming industry as a whole: Get them to log in every day, establish the habit, lock in the investment(emotional or otherwise), then exploit.

    I know that formula isn't as prevalent as it could be, and I'm thankful for that. But for anyone who's been watching the progress of the gaming industry for, the past 5 years or so, can see the increasing trend. It's unfortunate, because I believe that this is causing the degradation of the quality and enjoyment that should be possible in WoW. Instead of being a game where a player goes on an adventure, it's about a player logging in each day and ticking boxes on a checklist like it's a job.

    Naysayers will undoubtedly say that there's always been that sort of thing in WoW, and I would be forced to agree. But where I see a problem is with how much of that is put in the game.
    There was always that sort of thing but it was not on that level of ridiculous. The worse is that some of the things that were not time gated like that now are, like rep farming. I used to love pulling an all nighter with friends to farm dungeons for rep. Now we're just forced to do a little 30 minutes a day of WQs over 4 fucking months to get was used to be a few days thing is you wanted to. Not to mention the incredibly shitty feeling of being behind if you miss 1 day of your super restricted crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrawlFromThePit View Post
    Not to mention the incredibly shitty feeling of being behind if you miss 1 day of your super restricted crap.
    FOMO(Fear Of Mission Out) is another powerful tool in the arsenal of manipulating players. What you just described is one aspect of that, but another is the practice of invalidating content each major patch, or simply disabling access to content(Mage Tower, certain transmog appearances, etc).

    As I said, it's a matter of how much of that sort of thing is being used to sell their product. And I say "product", because a lot of it is not just the game, but the subscription, character services, and everything else that falls under the "live" service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123youshowme View Post
    so basically people want

    content that's deep and meaningful and progresses your character at max level.............. that is completely inconsequential and meaningless so you can play alts
    No they want to be able to skip straight to the meaningful progression without doing all the boring story missions for the 2nd+ time.

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