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    What would the WoW expacs for you be?

    If you could write out WoW story and determine what each expansion would be, what would you do? I don't need features or systems or indepth patches or plot points, just a basic overview. Here's what I would've done:

    1. Vanilla
    2. TBC
    3. Wratch
    4. Cata

    (all remain as is)

    5. Emerald Nightmare. Try to Repair damage to Azeroth from Cata, learn Azeroth is a titan world soul, fight back the nightmare, N'zoth tries to trap us there. Xavius is final boss
    6. Azshara. Nazjatar is main land mass, she and the naga are the main focus similar to LK and Scourge. She's N'zoths plan b, while we're "sleeping" in ED, tries to drown world. They fail, Azshara opens portal to the Legion as she dies.
    7. Legion. As is for most part, some story tweaks. No Guldan or Alt Draenor BS. Illidan is woken by wardens to help, just some plot adjustments here and there. We find a way to Argus.
    8. Argus. Direct sequel to Legion. We go to Argus with several additional zones besides 3 we got. Work the entire expac trying to destroy Sargeras. He ends up stabbing Azeroth which leads to...
    9. N'zoth/Ny'alotha. Sargeras stabbing the planet caused N'zoth prison to weaken and he escapes. We go to Ny'alotha. Continent is 1 massive city with several zones.

    Notice that Ny'alotha, Nazjatar/Ashara, Emerald Nightmare, and Argus have entire expansions dedicated to them. Not just shoehorned into a patch. There's no MoP, no WoD.

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    I probably would've had it exactly the same, but skipped WoD so MoP would lead straight into Legion, I don't mind WoD as a game, but the story with the whole time travel thing really muddies the lore for me - leave time travel alone as a rule.

    I'm happy with BFA and Shadowlands, and Shadowlands I'd like to see some kind of exploration based expansion, there's been a lot of big bads recently so I'd like a MoP style experience. I think a light bad expansion is inevitable, and a void lord expansion after that
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