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    I guess the actual assault itself is the WQ. I forgot about that good point. I guess the purpose of no emissary and having dailies is so it takes 3x as long. Go figure
    WQ's are the little events that show up on your minimap when you fly by them. The only difference is that they don't show up on your map.

    Emissary is basically the assault bar you can do once per cycle. The reason why we didn't get 2 zones of WQ's and 2 emissaries is because it would have fucked up the emissary rotation (as in it would have taken longer to actually get an emissary than the reset on the minor assault now).

    And on top of all of this you have the regular dailies.

    We basically have the same thing as in the past just in a different color. Still the same.

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    I don't know if the assaults count as WQs or not, actually. Depends whether the weekly buff gives additional rep. Mechagon was a real WQ for sure.

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    I will say them switching up all the different major and minor assaults each week does go much farther in keeping the solo grind "fresh" than 8.2. In 8.2 after just a few days I pretty much had seen everything (not that the content was bad, just more repetitive for me personally). I really wish they done a 3rd zone, maybe Storm Peaks, with other minions attacking Ulduar. That would keep things even more interesting.

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