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    Patch 8.3 - January 17 Hotfixes, Horrific Visions Rewards Clarification

    Patch 8.3 - January 17 Hotfixes
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    • Fixed an issue where a dead player’s Damage Over Time effect could cause the raid to fail The Best of Us .

    Auction House
    • Bids now display properly in the sell tab for caged pets.
    • Fixed a bug causing the quantity field to be empty when selling a non-commodity.
    • The “Uncollected” filter now filters owned battle pets as expected.
    • The “Upgrades Only” filter now correctly applies to wands and shields.
    • The “Usable” filter now filters profession-restricted items and owned toys as intended.
    • Purchasing an entire listing now displays the item count in the seller’s auction list.
    • Players can now buyout an auction for which they are already the high bidder.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some mail from the Auction House to exclude expected attached gold.

    Creatures and NPCs
    • The Gaze of N’Zoth can now only be faction tapped while in War Mode.
    • Onyx Warserpent’s Lightning Pool no longer hits players harder than intended.
    • Taijing the Cyclone now resets properly.
    • The spawn frequency of several Rare enemies in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms Assault areas has been increased.

    • Azerite Essences
      • Fixed an issue that caused Breath of the Dying’s minor damage effect at Rank 1 or 2 to benefit from the Rank 3 increased proc chance against low health targets.
    • Corruption Effects
      • Fixed an issue preventing Twilight Devastation from triggering on ranged attacks.
      • Infinite Stars damage reduced by 25% at all Corruption levels.

    Player versus Player
    • The red punchcard Subroutine: Defragmentation now heals for 50% in PvP situations.
    • Fixed an issue causing Breath of the Dying to have an incorrectly-lowered cooldown when used against player pets in PvP.

    • The Vulpera Holy Relic Trick now heals for the correct amount.
    • Fixed a bug preventing Mechagnomes and Vulpera from using ghost flying mounts when dead in appropriate areas.
    • Fixed an expected sound effect on the voices of Pandaren Death Knights.

    • Vulpera can once again proceed during the Tirisfal Glades quest, “A Scarlet Letter”.
    • Players who are outside of the Vision while their party defeats Ysedra the Darkener now receive quest credit for “Deeper Into the Darkness”.
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent Magni Bronzebeard from spawning as expected in “The Halls of Origination”.
    • It is again possible to turn in “Ancient Crypt Key”.
    • Titan Artifacts should now appear for the quest “Unearthed Artifacts” regardless of the completion status of the Assault bar-fill objective.
    • Assault daily quests such as “The Sun King’s Chosen” or “The Strongest Among Them” now require 3 Rare kills (was 4).
    • Rare kills now provide more credit for Assaults.

    User Interface
    • Guild and community setting dropdowns no longer appear when they are grayed out.

    • Players should now find their Sanity draining more quickly after an extended period within Vision of the Twisting Sands and Vale of Eternal Twilight.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing an iLvl 430 item from dropping when you had completed two objectives and the boss in a Horrific Vision. This item will be awarded to players on their next run if they satisfy these conditions.

    Horrific Visions Rewards Clarification
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We’d like to clarify some details about rewards from Horrific Visions. Items are awarded from Horrific Visions at the following milestones:

    Objective - Reward iLvl
    • Vision Boss Only - 420
    • Vision Boss + 2 Bonus Objectives - 430
    • Full Clear No Masks - 445
    • Full Clear + 1 Mask - 450
    • Full Clear + 2 Masks - 455
    • Full Clear + 3 Masks - 460
    • Full Clear + 4 Masks - 465
    • Full Clear + 5 Masks - 470

    Each week, you can obtain each tier of rewards once, with a 100% chance to obtain the best reward that the you were eligible for on any given Horrific Vision.

    For example, if on your first run of the week you clear 2 bonus objectives and defeat the Vision boss, you’ll get an iLvl 430 item. If you then repeat that run, you’ll get the iLvl 420 item that you were eligible for (because you’re no longer eligible for an iLvl 430 item until the weekly reset). If you then perform a full clear, you’ll get the iLvl 445 piece.

    Please note: the presence or absence of other players in Horrific Visions does not influence the chance for an item to be rewarded. All loot tracking is personal, and a character must be alive and sane at the start of an encounter in order to receive credit.
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