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    People actually use demon blades? I would never even consider taking that over immolation aura or any other way to actively control my resource generation. Not to mention it opens you up to having downtime which is boring to me. Either way demon hunter is still one of the simpler classes in the game.

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    Yes, it's a competitive talent in this expansion.

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    This is basicly the great filter into MMOs.

    The punishment for choosing the class for the wrong reasons is the realisation at some point that you wasted your time with it. This is one of the negative sides of MMO's, if you ever lose the satisfaction from character progression, it is basicly game over.

    This forum is full with people that choose to play this MMO like a single-player game, went with the easiest possible choices to have "FUN" while in reality they made the game for themselfs unbearable and are now stranded here because there are no alternatives to WoW.

    It the end every player that makes the choice to play the easiest class, because it is easy does the best possible thing for the MMO community, removing themselfs from the game.

    No hard feelings.
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    People bashing DH for being braindead while imagining any other class for being hard is always fun. I don't feel any difference from playing Havoc to any other dps when it comes to difficulty because there are none. They are all fucking easy. What makes Havoc so good for me is the pace it has, it's fast, it's mobile, it got variety in how you want to play it and it is overall awesome to play.
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    I prefer demon blades over the other options simply because I hate smashing the same button 98723487 times between other spells.

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    What is the problem with having easy spec to play? Thats the best choice to have.

    I know people feel accomplishment that they can play a complex and difficult spec to generate about same amount of performance as havoc or other easy specs do easily. Sure you feel its fun and thats ok, but there is a problem.

    Do you know what I call those specs? They are a liability. You risk failing your awesome rotation in a fight -> you risk underperforming. It reduces your raid/dungeon group performance. People should play easy specs more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Kami Dende View Post
    Momentum wasn't really skill based. It was just People who dealt with the clunkiness thinking they were somehow pro-gamers because they played a clunky spec.
    This, Momentum wasn't even a GOOD talent as a ST dps.
    It creates a risk-reward proposition based on spending a VITAL mobility option in a forced-movement ability along being the primary AOE for DH, making it a priority to use it in a ST scenario brings that into a situation that makes it deleterious to other's efforts.

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    I'll never use demon blades (not that I play a demon hunter much) because it's boring. I don't care if it was topping the DPS meters, it's boring so I won't use it. If you feel the opposite, then go for it. If you just want to go for what's strongest and that happens to be it, more power to you as well.

    Just my two cents.

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    I don't think opinions on the spec are changed due to demon blades. Honestly prefer the talent over destroying my finger spamming one button over and over again (Much prefer charges on abilities like this). The issue with DH is that most people feel the spec is just about spamming abilities without thinking. There is more nuance to this but it isn't as complex as other specs in a lot of ways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinzora View Post
    Seriously it's the equivalent of removing sinister strike from outlaw rogue and linking all their combo building to passive auto-attack. When switching from demon blades to immolation aura spec we go from zero to three builders (demon bite, immolation aura, eye beam). It requires way more paying attention to resources and cooldowns to pull it off.

    If anyone feels like DH are too simple then blame Blizzard for making passive talents superior to actives. Same goes for them nerfing momentum build, the most skill-based DH spec of all.
    Actually it's more like going from Rogue builders to Warrior Rage. If you don't like Demon blades then don't use it. Personally I think a builder that does nothing but give you mandatory resource boring and an otherwise waste of a GCD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absintheminded View Post
    Actually it's more like going from Rogue builders to Warrior Rage. If you don't like Demon blades then don't use it. Personally I think a builder that does nothing but give you mandatory resource boring and an otherwise waste of a GCD.
    And that is why many builder themselves are expanded upon to be something that does more than generating mandatory resource. Like a buff proc, like a pistol shot, like reduce cd on something, like lava surge, like empowerment, etc... But if you don't have builder, there goes another thing to build upon isn't it?

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    The problem is not so much whether DH is a simple class or not, even if I personally consider it too easy, but it is not important.
    What's wrong in my opinion is that DH is too strong in its simplicity. The class design of this expansion revolves around the strengths and weaknesses that each class has. The point that some classes have given great strengths and practically no weak points (see the DH in fact) to others have been given really bland strengths, let's say a lot of niche that they fit little in the contents, and they have been give great weaknesses.
    Consequently, classes that do not have the HDH "package" have been totally obscured, and therefore the players who have decided to invest their time / money on classes other than HDH have found themselves in great difficulty not only for the performances but also for a perception, sometimes even wrong, that some classes have received this also because of classes such as DH and Rogue where they dominate in many contexts.
    It is no coincidence that if you go to see the logs at any difficulty, the parse of DH Havoc are much greater than all the other classes, which in legion the gap of parse between the meta and non-meta classes was not so huge just to make you an example.

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    It's braindead because it's designed to be an easy to play all-round beginner's class. It was implemented to attract new and returning players with Legion and give them a class (with the most popular races at that time) to fully enjoy the game without having to learn much.

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    me am DH.

    me think ST/AOE/100% dodge all from 1 button on short CD am gud design.

    me much big brain player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZazuuPriest View Post
    and which one is the best talent?
    Not demon blades lmao.
    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrowz View Post
    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakhath View Post
    Why would you care what people say?
    Exactly the question I planned to ask.

    Then again, 'people said something, I better make a topic on MMO!' seems to be something of a theme around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinChan View Post
    It's a simple class and it was purposefully designed to be simple and easy to understand and play. I don't know why that's a bad thing, is this a bad thing? Sometimes people want to play something simple and comfy.
    Don't you find that jarring? The Demon Hunter is easy and comfy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oneirophobia View Post
    Don't you find that jarring? The Demon Hunter is easy and comfy?
    Not really. They slice things up and shoot laser beams out of their eyes and tread fire where they go, and move fast. That's it - that's entirely what Demon Hunters were in WC3 and clearly visualized into that with their introduction in Legion. Talents are where they should become less comfy and more complicated - where you can choose to play a class (No matter if it's DH or not) more complicated and involved. Which DH does allow, but unfortunately it's clunky as hell and (IIRC at this time) it's subpar results to just going the more consistent routes.

    Classes should always be easy to understand and pick up. Exceptions can be made, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It just sucks if you can't divulge it into a more complicated play style that's engaging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Momentum is awful to play with, especially in PVE. Having it bad is great

    And every DPS is braindead to play - the encounters and coordination is the hard part of WoW, not actually playing your class
    This is true if you do very easy content where you can just tunnel vision.

    But if you go into a +20 key then you will have a much more effortless time if you are on a BM hunter or Havoc Demon hunter than any other spec in the game. Can you from personal experience tell me I'm wrong?

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    Using skill and Demon Hunter in the same sentence is like being born on 3rd base and thinking you smacked a triple. Why? Off-the-charts mobility, ridiculous passive heals while in combat and close to a 2/3rd up time of Meta. And, like Warriors, there is never a resource drought.

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