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    You can certainly be mutually attracted at first sight, which can lead quickly to a relationship. Sometimes that relationship develops into something long lasting, and becomes love. Since the definition of "love" is rather nebulous and subjective, the exact point it moves from mutual attraction to love is pretty vague. I would say "Instantly" is definitely too early, but there really isn't a fixed timeline anywhere in there.
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    I don't think there is such a thing as love at first sight. It's just one or both people instantly being attracted to each other so much that they think they're in love but it's really just an infatuation.

    I guess there could be that one in a million chance it could happen but I mean come on with the kind of society we live in today you might as well say it never happens. People don't take relationships seriously anymore. People get too caught up in the moment and don't think things through.
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