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    [Hardcore] <Faint> Ten-Storms Recruiting for BWL


    <Faint> Is a guild for experienced vanilla raiders, created by former private-server players.
    Together, we cleared all the content from Ragnaros to Kel'thuzad.
    Now, we are looking to do even better in Classic World of Warcraft.

    We are looking for more talent to prepare for the release of Blackwing Lair.

    Currently looking for:

    2 Fury
    2 Shaman

    Any other exceptional applicants will also be considered.

    Let us share some more details:
    - Raiding on raid release to attempt server firsts.
    - Raid Times: Wednesday & Monday 19:00-23:00.
    - Highly competitive PVE including speedruns (#103 speed).
    - Fair Loot Council, Clean Raids and Good Logistics.

    Please visit our discord if you're interested!

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