3 Players Based in the Uk looking for a Raiding Guild going into Ny'alotha.

Current Server is-Ravencrest, Alliance

i Play Fury Warrior (445)/Hunter 435 ilvl(Age 32)
My Cousin has a Warlock currently 430 /Demon hunter 447 (DPS) (Age 26)
My younger Brother is a BM hunter with 438 (Age 24)

Myself and cousin Raided WOTLK HC we cleared all other than LK before the Nerf.
We Raided CATA HC cleared all.
We then Quit for most of MOP and Came back for SOO
Draenor Hit we Leveled and lost interest, Only come back and raided Hellfire Citadel

Legion Hit and we raided with Friends EN TOV and Nighthold. Struggled alot with losing guild members so didnt get the Progress we wanted. so parted ways

We Then Found a Guild called Minority Which we raided for Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus. Cleared all in Tomb of sargeras but faileed to get KJ. We cleared all of Antorus.

Links to previous Guild i cant post as new member but can PM Private messages

Work commitments plagued me end of Antorus and havent raided since Antorus.
Minority Quit/Disbanded so we followed a friend and Switched servers to Ravencrest and he ended up Quitting so we find ourselves now on the alliance Side as most of our Chars are Horde

We have farmed M+ for the duration of BFA Which has been ok but missing the Proper PVE aspect of the game which comes from raiding, we arent looking for HARDCORE but at least some Mythic raiding.

My little Brother is new to the game but he has caught on very very fast and is surprisingly Decent, im sure after watching a few videos and learning boss mechanics he will be a Great Player

My Cousin is a Highly Skilled Warlock but jumped onto the Demon Hunter Train. is open to Play both Chars

We could 100% bring maturity and 3 Solid DPS to your Guild. We are by no means Serious people, we love to have a laugh we play lots of differnt games aswell.

All in all just looking to get back Raiding in a Not so serious setting log on kill some bosses grab some loot and just enjoy the game for what it is.

Wow is a game that Requires Friends to play and succeeed and currently being in no guild and just pugging M+ just isnt exciting. its either Raid or ultimatley Quit so just trying to find that guild where we can click and make some friends

Any information you want please feel free and ask