I can't help but think things like this are the writers chance to toy with what if scenarios that they never would do were actually the case.

It as interesting to choose Thrall and Alleria as the main targets, both have had self doubts, have overcome them, but leaving a hint of a question as to whether they are actually through it all.

in Alleria's case, it's the chance to see the dark prophecies the old gods have been afflicting her mind. Some peopel actually believed she turned in a reddit post i read - sight, when will peopel realise that Alleria and the void elves falling to the whispers defeats the whole point of them., it's like the forsaken fallen unter the grasp of the Lich King again it defeats the point. Sure you may have instances when they almost do, or a termporarlily in trouble or controlled, or in other cases are near breaking point - like some forsaken who get revived with their brains not all their, but funciton enough (the guy in Mechagon island that asks you to go find his alleged lost treasure is one sort) and the void elf woman from the Island expedition who is on the brink of madness as if she jsut barely survived the ordeal Alleria rescued them from, - neither are noram, but neither are all gone either.. They are examples that every case is not peachy perfect like Sylvanas'Alleria or Nathanos/Umbric..

If 8.3 lasted longer, maybe we might have had another vision. However visions were lovely opportunities to use OTHER capital cities.