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    Visions of N'zoth were a missed opportunity to use othe rCapitals

    It's ashame, tehy could have explored other capitals and made more use of them, And maybe othe rlore characters we haven't heard for a whiel. but mainly other capitals.

    Capitals are a great idea, but bunking in Stormwind/Org.. such a shame, they could be used for so much more, . Best idea I have hada for themwould be the race equivalent of the Calss order halls, if blizzard were to introduce a "race campaign" system that persisted through expansions - providing a long term reward system that isn't reset every two years, maing use of capitals and capital zones players could build and including housing.

    It's actually so are to have races have individual zones and capitals when wow was released, andyou ahve to admit, blizzards races have the most diverse range of eaesthetics and architecture, with each race sometimes boasting 3 even 4 variations spread across it's various sub-factions and sub-races.. they give new stuff a lot, it's great to have.

    Visions, could have gone to these places, just as Warfronts could have picked zones like Feralas/Un'goro/Quel'thalas & Azuremyst that desperately needed upgrading.

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    Blizzard doesn't want to use the other capitals. That's why they destroyed two of them. They only want people in SW/Org and whatever the expansion hub is.

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