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    vanilla has 40 men raid, it feels epic, the best raid feeling
    but i also remember how f8cked up impossible it was to organize, i love 40 men raiding but realistic even 25 is hard to manage, can't imagine how nightmarish it is to organize 40
    but seriously 40 actually felt a raid, u are a mini army attacking real threats, when u take 5 ppl to beat someone u can't sell he is as real threat as a guy who needs 40 to die
    thats a nice novelty first time,but once you realise those bosses die in a very unepic and unchallening way and no actual theat,also 10 man hc was the hardest before mythic raids,the fewer people the less mistakes you could make and more responability you had,also blizz tuned 10 man badly lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    Well, for me the barrier for entry of BfA raiding is just too high. You need to level the neck, level the cloak, get all the right essences, get the right azerite traits, and get the right corruptions. It's just too much, especially as someone who stopped playing in 8.0 and then came back for 8.3. Just the list of all the things I need to get done to catch up for raiding is just insane on top of the normal gearing that is to be expected.
    Yes well, the barrier to raid in BFA is basically playing the game. The same as it was in Legion.

    Upgrading the neck happens pretty much instantly and requires just a bit of grind IF you actually play the game, you get Azerite from nearly every activity and the azerite requirements drop every week, to a minimum of 1000 and in the quest where you get the first essence you get an item that immediatedly levels it to 35 or even more.

    The Cloak is pretty new and you literally cannot upgrade it beyond rank 6 this week, which is absolutely doable with nearly no grind. In fact grinding is discouraged since the drops of the currency from killing mobs are miniscule, hardly worth the time and once you reach the weekly cap on the cloak you can limit yourself to doing ONE assault per week with one vision to upgrade it. Besides it is only needed for the corrupted gear, which you can just as well cleanse to not deal with the system. Then it is just a matter of wearing a high ilvl cloak that you got for free.

    With the Essences you are correct to a point. But you can limit your grinding by just focussing on the ones your class needs.

    But yes, no matter what the systems are, if you do not want to play the game, then no system will make you do it. There are always problems with any system implemented, MMOs always come with a certain level of grind, and if you can't live with that you are simply not meant to play this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    thats kinda crazy to me,for all bfa's issues,raiding isnt one of them,the idea of playing classic FOR the raids versus bfa is kinda insane to me
    A big problem is that the gearing system on retail is really, really broken and therefore is character progression. In classic this stuff works out far better. And then there is the fact that some people just prefer 40 people to 25 (or even less).
    Oh, and of course it is debatable how good current raiding really is, e.g. BoD was loved by many but hated by most likely the same amount of people. Like don't get me wrong, I also think that raiding is the best part about retail, but there are things where they went wrong in the past.

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