View Poll Results: when was your class/spec the most fun to play?

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  • Vanilla

    1 0.76%
  • Tbc

    8 6.11%
  • Wotlk

    21 16.03%
  • Cata

    9 6.87%
  • Mop

    52 39.69%
  • Wod

    14 10.69%
  • Legion

    25 19.08%
  • Bfa

    1 0.76%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinnegan2 View Post
    Hi Champs!

    Blizzard seems to have settled on Legion class design going forward. So I wanted to know from you guys, in what expansion you had the most fun dps'ing/tanking/healing on your class/spec.

    I could imagine a system in a future expansion, where you can level through an expansion's main story line in order to unlock that expansion's dps/healing/tanking rotation for your class. WoW is an MMO first and foremost, and just because the top 0.1% of competitive players wants every spec to be perfectly balanced, I don't get to play my favorite iteration of my class? That doesn't feel right, to me. A thriving and incredibly customizable MMO should be top priority. Or do you want all the fun class iterations of the past to stay in the trash bin forever?
    Thats a shame. Blizz ruined both my main classes in Legion and as popular it seems that expansion was, I frikken hated it.
    And shepherds we shall be...

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    Resto Druid's been my main since about Wrath (I went Feral when I started at the tail end of TBC). Overall? I would say MoP is when it felt best, though my actual most fun came from healing Wintergrasp back in Wrath. Resto was just so enjoyable in either attacking and defending. With travel form for that huge map and rejuv blanketing and Swiftmend in a pinch, managing groups was a ton of fun and Wrath era Resto just felt super powerful.

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    Destro warlock/Demon warlock
    I play one or another

    Legion. MoP. WotLK

    all were great for me

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