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    Quote Originally Posted by odamienskii View Post
    Because they are boosted up to a certain level. [snip]
    So, what you're saying is EVERY SINGLE DH AND ROGUE has payed for +18 and higher runs before starting to pug? Because that is what I means to "be boosted".

    Let's say I'm at a 2k score. What you're saying is, that I must have payed others to get myself to that score. When in reality, I had to earn my score the hard way, like anyone else, by actually playing the game.
    And before reaching a 2.5k score, you're assuming I do not contribute to the success of the run?

    Sorry, but I think you need to be overthinking your in game mentality, Cuz what you're saying here is utter bs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by odamienskii View Post
    you guys fed up of not knowing if a rogue or dh is good? Been using this theory for a while, deduct 500 rio off a rogues or dhs score and you have an accurate reflection of there skill level.

    Why is this i hear you ask? think about it, every rogue and dh get an instant invite to every party, imagine getting an invite to every party and still not being able to do a 19 in time, what does that tell you? same goes the other way too, spriest hunter boomie warlock etc 2.1k are the equivalent to a 2600 dh skill level.

    Your welcome!
    My recommendation.

    Before you race to a forum and post an obviously bitter thread related to your lack of ability to get a group, or your lack of awareness about your sub-par skill ( both pretty safe assumptions by me I'd wager ) ... take 60 seconds to pause. You may find a clearer head prevails and you opt not to make the post ... which would be a good thing. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loveliest View Post
    Well, but that's the thing. I don't know you. You're saying that you're better with a 900 rio than a lot of 1800 rios.
    This statement implies that there may be those at 900 rio that are worse than those at 450 rio.
    So, not knowing any of you, should I take someone with 900 rio or someone with 1800 rio? Who has a higher chance to give me a better outcome?

    Besides, you're telling me you're super good at stunning and interrupting, coordinating with your team, surviving high damage when you've never seen the bosses on high keys. So basically, you're sure it won't happen for you to say "Oh, I didn't know he did that, he usually dies before we get that mechanic". Or say "Ah, didn't know he'd hit that hard, didn't use a CD". I just don't think it's possible, I think someone who's actually seen the dungeons a few times has increased chances to do better than someone who's never seen it. At 10 you can ignore all mechanics and make mistakes and no one would care or notice.
    that's the thing too, my 900 IO was at least earned. some of those 1800s were carried, or just people that had the time to run more than a few dungeons a week. the introduction of IO completely ruined my time with guild friends because, well, they're younger guys (18-25) and don't have the responsibilities of a working adult. meaning they got to play together a lot more. they knew i was capable, so kind of a bad example, but people like you had no idea if i was good or not.

    to me, that's part of the fun. shit groups can be painful, they can also be quite entertaining.

    i get why it exists, but i wish blizzard hadn't created a system that alienated people from content because their number isn't high enough.

    oh and not to mention the fact that you almost had to spend that first week of each season crunching out 7-10s just to get your IO up for next week. like, that fucking sucks to me lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrialol View Post
    Might want to check how many runs people have done on higher keys instead of just score.
    I do enjoy the people bragging about scores when they have a sea of failed 10 - 12 and a single timed higher key with a 4 person guild group or something like that. It is same as the sad people with a lone Jaina kill peacocking on the mount and title in a capitol city.
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