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    Quote Originally Posted by Sithalos View Post
    Sylvanas could of stormed off to fight Bolvar at any time, and for any reason. The war campaign and BfA's story in general is literally pointless.
    Not really, considering how she reveals the war was part of her plan to feed the hungering maw.

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    Honestly WoW story was always garbage. That's why I preferred to be just an adventurer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kithelle View Post
    WHat do you expect?

    Look at this...people complained they were tired of Orcs and wanted something differed

    People complained they were tired of demons and teaming up, and wanted faction wars back because they wanted War in World of Warcraft back

    People complained they were tired of faction wars because they suck

    No matter what they do people will complain so you may as well keep every avenue open.
    SHouldn't blizzard instead stick to their guns and finish a story through rather than keep changing it based on popular opinioin?

    it's like shows that change themselves based on what people say. Finish the original story, and see what happens. I remember a famous case of a show that couldn't change it's episodes because it had filmed and post produced everything, it was one of the most successful ones with an original ending because writers couldn't change what happened based on popular opinion. And yes the show did dip partway through, but picked up again.

    Bad analogy I know, but they really should see what they start through, in games like wow, people aren't going to stop playing because the story made them uncomfortable or they didn't like what was happening, because sometimes end result is incredible. Take the WoT... I hated what they did to the night elves again, but they didn't see that through b/c it was supposed to end in the horde in control of Kalimdor and Alliance of eastern kingdoms - if it ahd ended with night elves in cool new home and in a more promising state (e.g. occupying the broken isles, using a new well and world tree shaladrassil) that would have been very promising with future campaigns to take back kalimdor instead of this lame duck scneario where they've got no capital, no home and horde peace probably means their lands are going to just be handed back to them instead of them winning them back after being strengthened) - that's just an example - having new situations for age old stalemate could have been interesting and refreshing, as long as the end result provided something that was even more exciting than what they lost it would have been enjoyed. But it looks like they scarpped all that to pander to complaints quickly.. I'm sure their original plan was not to have Sylvanas abandon the horde, but be it's greatest warchief into the shadowlands.

    she is been written this way because people hate the horde for being what the horde was originally. but what do they expect.. they wrote the horde. they didn't make it a Sith empire, and made it by far the more interesting faction.. I mean by far (compare the horde to how lame the alliance is - nothing interesting happens on teh alliance, the races that were all initially interesting are just under developed and under utilised ).. so off course peoplea re more invested in the horde, and when they painted it as the faction with good, people aren't going to like being portrayed as the villain.. if yo uknow this, but have a good surprise planend for it in the end, why are you changing it instead of seeing it through? Unless you intended to make the horde that sith like organisation.. but then you put goodly Thalyssra and her nightborne in it, and send the more dangerous volatile void elves to the alliance?

    They literally shoot themselves in the foot.

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    Imagine if you will if this expansion was not about the faction war. Imagine if it was all focused on saving Azeroth.

    The Zandalar and Kul Tiras leveling experience would not need to be changed at all. Give tie-ins to each other's continents using the Tortollans.
    Uldir would be the same.
    The Battle for Dazar'alor would have to be scrapped. You could however have it as a raid still. Remove Zul and Mythrax from Uldir, make him appear to be USING G'huun instead of being a pawn and have the assault of Dazar'alor happen at this point instead of in the scenario.
    Crucible of Storms and Naz'jatar could be the same. 8.3 could be the same.
    Instead of the faction war storyline, have all the story that was shoved in 8.3 in 2hrs take place slowly over time.
    Warfronts are scrapped, allowing additional developer time on something else (maybe more content for 8.3 like an assault on Storm Peaks (Ulduar) or Badlands (Uldaman) and/or additional dungeons (perhaps revamped Mogu'shan Palace, Halls of Origination and maybe even Halls of Stone and Uldaman)
    The Sylvanas plot could be happening still (with Thrall coming back to find out what happened with Vol'jin instead of giving Baine the traitor hat) with a betrayal only taking place AFTER 8.3.

    Almost the majority of the content and systems of BfA stay intact. There is no need to change Azerite, War Mode (pvp has been happening on the side constantly anyway) or anything else. Islands would not need the artificial pvp and would have been far more interesting content as an exploration mode instead (with true PvP available for those who want it). We wouldn't have the mission table but who would even realise it's missing?
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    Wow's lore always was a joke minus a couple pieces so no surprise there.
    Do you hear the voices too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Well look at SL...they're making changes because right now Classic is popular, changing based on popular opinion is in their nature (If they like that opinion that is, they ignore many opinions because they don't like it...are slow and hesitant to admit when they're wrong, and when they finally admit they're wrong they typically make you wait till the next expansion because they're spiteful)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    The grey I think was referring to the Horde who didn't like what she did/didn't want to stand beside her after what she did. It wasn't as simple as 'Alliance good, Horde evil!' and therein lies the grey.

    Don't get me wrong, the story disappointed me too, but in terms of things not being black and white - they weren't.
    But, basically they (the Horde) did stand with her, no matter how much they disapproved their actions. Saurfang also was enabling this behaviour from the start, only that he later did try to fix this.
    So, while specific individuals and the unnamed masses might have been against the war, it did not matter and it still happened, hence black vs white.

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    I kinda wish alliance and horde could crossplay each other for dungeons, raid, pvp or questing but ION DUDE does not want that to happen. Now we know this war crap is meaningless and waste of time and COMPLETELY waste of resources repeating the fucking same plot. I'm sorry but This game needs a change.. you know... Angry goose honking each other 24/7 fighting is completely outdated for almost.. LOL.... 15 years or something? Right?

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    Faction war should've ended in MoP. I still can't believe we had the Burning of Teldrassil after this cutscene:

    It was so anticlimactic. Also Sylvanas is just female Garrosh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    I agree pretty much with all of this. The game works better when there's some big, bad thing to take care of (eventually). This 'endless war' stuff is tiresome and at this point has a mild, if perhaps unconscious, resonance with real life. Frankly, they would do better and have more interesting options if they must keep everyone soaked in battle to end the faction war entirely and let the various races go off to make problems for each other. I imagine Tauren have some grievances with orcs and it's no special secret that Draenei have issues with nearly everyone else.
    Blizzard has a hard enough time handling things when its just two factions, you think they'd manage with everyone going off on their own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    I fully agree, but how else could we have had TEH WUR IN WARLD OF WURKREFT back?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thage View Post
    Welcome to what literally everyone was saying when Blizz made such a big deal about breaking the cycle and finding a new path forward in 8.2.5 story content. Nobody's fooled, we all know they'll pull the stupidest reason they can think of to reignite the faction war in the next expansion or two when they run out of ideas and need some cheap fodder to get a pop from the crowd at Blizzcon, while the writers grabass over how clever and subversive they are.

    edit/addition: This is exactly why people are getting burned out on faction war plots. It's a marathon run at sprinting speeds that proceeds to go absolutely nowhere. The same four storylines are recycled with new character models and different text hovering over their heads. At least meaningful progress could be charted against the Scourge and Burning Legion.
    One huge difference for a faction war would be to make the Alliance the bad guys and the Horde the good guys for once. That would be something unique for a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daronokk View Post
    One huge difference for a faction war would be to make the Alliance the bad guys and the Horde the good guys for once. That would be something unique for a change.
    BFA's faction war plot would have been significantly better had the Battle for the Undercity and Burning of Teldrassil traded places in the timeline. Before the Storm provided Anduin with plenty of personal motivation to lay siege to the Undercity and attempt to depose Sylvanas after she was shown having archers loose into her own people after the meeting they arranged (he not being third-person omniscient wouldn't know Sylvanas's reasoning for doing so), as well as her killing Calia in the process. And with Calia's recent revival, Genn could have pushed Anduin to take the Undercity and help put Calia on the throne, winning the Alliance new allies. Hell, Anduin even up and admits in the novel that peace with the Horde, as much as he desires it, simply isn't a feasible outcome so long as Sylvanas holds the reins. There we have justification for him to begin the war, without losing moral high ground, allowing both factions to be sympathetic and justified like the border/resource clashes from Classic writ large.

    Then Sylvanas sacrifices the Undercity to withdraw safely, and begins marching on Darkshore, culminating in the burning of Teldrassil--the first real cracks in her facade could then be buried under the justification of what happened at Lordaeron, keeping Horde players from feeling like they were complicit in genocide and railroaded into being good little soldiers for months at a time. Sylvanas would have actual plausible deniability/moral wiggle-room that would keep the war feeling less like yet another retread of 'The Horde does something bad, then feels bad about it for real this time, and the status quo successfully resets.'
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