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    I think I can identify most icons, but what's the bottom left one?
    Enhancement shaman.

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    When was the last time DH wasn't S tier? :O
    I have no idea...

    I just recently changed my main from DH to Fury
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildpantz View Post
    Method released a vid like day ago which put all 3 warlock specs above rest. I trust method over wowhead.
    Why? They're really good at playing their classes and figuring out raid comps and they're very dedicated to bashing their heads against encounters until they get the right combination of gear / people not fucking up, but for the most part their raiders rely on the same resources that the rest of the community does. They're not particularly genius about what goes on under the bonnet in WoW. The overlap between best of the best player and the best of the best theorycrafter is smaller than one would think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    When was the last time DH wasn't S tier? :O

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    This is how it works.

    High tier raiders are really good theorycrafters for the most part. There's a ton of really good theorycrafters but most aren't top tier raiders.

    There's tiers and player percentiles to consider. A 99th percentile player can do more dps playing a weaksauce spec better than a 90th percentile playing a better spec. For example Method's Rogerbrown plays a hunter that is considered below average, yet he's topping every fight so far.

    Then there's fights favoring specific classes. A destro lock will not be that great on single target, moving the spec into below average tier. However on 2 target fights with 10 second cleave windows every 30 seconds, he is S+++++++++.

    Then there are cooldown timings. A fight with specific burn phases, stop dps phases or execute phases may favor cooldown heavy specs. Also, some fights require certain cooldowns at specific timings, proving a dps loss for overall dps. Other fights require particular jobs, like soaking, gathering goo on the ground etc.

    Then there are the different flight durations favoring different cooldown timings. A 4 min 30 second fight will go a lot better for a 2 min cd spec than a 6 min fight.

    Then there's different rng things like gear, crits and other spec specific proc rng.

    Those are all things to consider. All in all, it depends on the fight to determine the best specs.
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    I'm a bit miffed that fire made it up to the top once again for mage and frost for DK is once again preferable over unholy. I came to really hate both of them during BfA. But then I barely care enough to log in these days anyway.
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    I don't think the difference between top and bottom dps classes is as massive as it used to be in older times, when dps had low to no buffs so they had to be broken high to compensate for fact they don't have BoK or MotW
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    My main is enchancement and I don't care!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    I want the ruins of K'aresh for 9.0 as I envision it as Netherstorm on steroids. A broken, shattered world. Eco-domes are stuck on various chunks to protect flora & fauna. I imagine a K'aresh ocean & maybe some islands contained in an eco dome or a snow-capped peak with some jungle valleys in another. Flesh version of Ethereals that never got altered. Space platforms as in Starcraft. Just a totally fantastic tileset & theme that I'd be very keen to explore. They could do some wild things.

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