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    A Game of Towers

    A Game of Towers was a PvP objective, located in the Eastern Plaguelands. It was added in Vanilla and removed in Cataclysm and even got it's own trailer:


    it was similar to Eye of the Storm battleground, where you have to capture towers in a tug-of-war kind of game. The lore reason for it was: "In the wake of the recent Scourge invasion, the Eastern Plaguelands of Lordaeron have gained new strategic importance in the ongoing struggle between the powers of Azeroth".

    Now, with Shadowlands coming soon™ and bringing with it a 2.0 version of the scourge invasion, why not bring it back as a battleground? It could use the new and updated art assets of Maldraxxus, as it is said to look very much like the Eastern Plaguelands.

    What do you guys think? what kind of features should it have and how could it be improved? share your thoughts.

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    It's actually a very good idea and the overall theme is very different from any given existing BG. I strongly believed should've made significantly better use of the old world by implementing scourge invasions, but of course all of these good ideas require time, effort and resources three things that clearly cause cancer nowadays at Blizzard.

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    Im totally agree with you, it will be nice.

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