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    The complete beginner’s guide to starting a druid in d&d

    Before jumping into the meat, I want to take a moment to describe what a Druid in D&D actually is. I would rather you choose the Druid with a full understanding of what that means, and not expect to have some crazy forest ninja who leads from the front (those are Rangers) like I did the first time I played. Don’t let the armour fool you!

    At their core, Druids are nature wizards. They have the same amount and breakdown of spell slots as a Wizard does, with the only exception being that wizards learn one additional cantrip and have a much larger pool of spells to choose. What do druids get? All of their magic is focused on nature and life. Unlike wizards, druids can learn healing spells, can wear up to medium armour, carry a shield and even have some pretty cool weapon proficiencies (despite the fact they will not wear armour or use shields that are made of metal).

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    I think you might have the wrong game/forum here...

    The "Class discussions" is for WoW, as this is a World of Warcraft game forum.
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    This is the complete guide?

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