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    8.0 - Story, art, general feel 9/10, gameplay 5/10 (hated PvP at 120, over use of scaling but PvE was great, leveling was great, even PvP)
    8.1 and 8.2 - problems were not fixed, story was still ok I guess.
    8.3 - what happened? It feels like a fan made patch, not a real thing.. at least it still has voice acting lol. Legion end patch gave us Argus, a whole new zone, new NPCs etc. This was just re-used assets. No issues were fixed and the raid ending.. ugh. 2/10 and thats being generous.

    Overall, I'd say 4.5/10. Mostly thanks to the art team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    > This is an opinionated thread
    > I do not care about your opinion whatsoever

    Why enter the thread lmfao
    To answer the OP, not to have a debate with some random poster.
    He is more than welcome to have his opinion, but I disagree with it and thus do not care about it.
    Mind you, the way he did reply didn't exactly help either, I mean: "Wa? Were you even around during tbc or are you saying this without having lived it? Cause that is ridiculous. Could only hope we had tbc now." Not exactly a great start for a debate, now is is - accusing me of lying and being ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnymcdanger View Post

    Again - this is a thread where we answer the OP, not debate who is right or wrong. Hell, the title is even "... YOUR official review".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    As I'm european and it's literally f*cking wednesday and I'm not yet home to actually experience the raid and new mythic suffix... hold your bloody horses.
    This one

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    If you compare WoD with BfA, wod gave us, unlimited gold and the best leveling this game has ever seen ( and continues too, because 90 to 100 its so damn easy ) BfA gaves us . . . . . what?

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    WoD was worse because I quit the moment I realized the garrison was your progression then the devs gave up, so there was no reason to ever come back, the class design couldn't save it. I basically just forgot the game existed until Legion info started being leaked and you could see hints of gold flakes falling from it.

    BFA is just mind numbingly mediocre and sanitized and deathly boring.
    All the art and zones are turned up to 100 to distract you from the gameplay and try to constantly wave turpentine under your nostrils so you aren't lulled to sleep by all the gameplay systems. You basically are in danger of passing out at every turn with BFA: I need to sim my crappy toon I don't enjoy playing, wait, I'm yawning. I need to world quest, wait I'm tired all of a sudden, I need to grind rep, wait my eyes feel heavy. I need to complete the cloak scenario but I can't stop dozing off. Like it's to the point now where I wish BFA just strapped a jet pack to your damn back everytime you enter an indoor scenario or a rep zone and add an ability that just 1 shots these meat shields at 20% hp.
    Everything scales to you = everything meatshielding you to sleep endlessly.

    When I say sanitized, I mean, "this trait does 1 mil dmg in PVE, in PVP it does nothing. This trinket does 90% of your damage in PVE, in PVP it doesn't even show up on meter, 85% of your damage is your pet, the rest of your abilities are weak, but the over all trickle sum is good! This cornerstone ability that used to hit people for a quarter of their HP now barely tickles in PVE and PVP"

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    I give it a D+, slightly ahead of a D that I gave WOD.

    This was a real close one. I still think WOD was the worst because it basically just turned WoW into a lobby game where you just log in, sit in your garrison and wait for the raid/ group to start. BfA didn't get to that point. Not to mention, all the ideas that were supposed to happen in WOD but never did.

    [I still think (at the end of WoD, not the beginning) they were "testing" the idea of a game where you just log into a lobby and wait to raid/dungeon.]

    Honestly, I still can't believe they thought this azerite system would be a good replacement for legiondaries. Whoever pushed that idea should be fired and not work in game design, they clearly don't understand the players.

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    Worst expansion by a long shot. The Nzoth patch is a thankful break from it all but its no wonder that it doesn't take place in the shit islands and even makes us reminesc (sorry if I killed this word) cata.

    I will only remember this expansion for the ON/OFF pvp toggle but the rest is easily the most forgettable content ever implemented. Hell even the transmogs are terrible.

    I know they had large shoes to fill after Legion but this was a miserable expansion.

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    The Good:
    - The Warfront story telling was engaging and fully voice acted which is fantastic to be apart of.
    - Quest choice! finally!!!!
    - Zones were beautiful, music too.
    - Having 2 distinct faction areas worked really well!
    - Nazjata and Mechagon were really great additions.
    - Ny'alotha looks exactly how we all imagined

    Main issues:
    - giving us our first ever released old god a 1 patch story line and taken out in the most BS way.
    - Lack of progression with Voljin's story it should have continued through all the raids/patches considering next exp.
    - Forsaken leadership story line was given 2 quests
    - Night Elves should have been given more love regarding story telling/ rebuilding a home.
    - YET ANOTHER AP Grind
    - Lack of alt friendly essences even at the end.
    - Time gates (Even though its common in MMOS and makes business sense)

    It's definitely one of the weaker Expansions however; i recon it'll become a MoP - hated at the time looked up to in years to come.

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    WoD was at least alt friendly

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    It gave us zandalari trolls, which is a huge plus.

    Everything else is just meh or flat out disappointing.

    Also the fact that they completely wasted N'zoth and the black empire is just insulting.
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    Raid and m+ were good, but blizzard always does good raids and dungeons.

    Everything else is pretty bad. Islands and warfronts r boring. Class design is bad. Gearing is bad. Azerite is terrible. Still have random bs like titanforging in corruption. Pretty alt unfriendly expansion also.

    The visions r probably the best thing about this expansion.

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    It had some good things like the Vulpera but also a lot of horrible decisions like Void elves, the whole faction war crap, making the Horde villains again, butchering classes by not giving them an alternative to the artifact, and the Necklace was never as cool.

    With the artifact you felt a sense of pride and progression as it grew, you could customize it's appearance and such. BFA in many ways felt like a downgraded version of Legion. Legion did everything BFA did but better.

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    initially when it was announced and (at the least) the first couple months i was interested due to the faction war narrative. the meme of "morally gray" wasn't really a thing yet because a lot of the story at that time was not fleshed out yet. also i'm a big fan of the zandalari trolls so that was a plus for me.

    i don't think the expansion was utterly terrible but 8.3 isn't really doing it for me in a narrative sense, so it feels worse than it really is, because it's the last patch/story of the expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malikath View Post
    i don't know, i played both and it's kinda hard to tell which is worse.
    Both kinda fucked alts and players in general by controlling player activity with mandatory power progression.
    For me, it's the level of effort. BFA is bad, but at least effort went into the game features. Warfronts, Island Expeditions, and the Faction and N'zoth assaults are actual gameplay (and if the core class design were better, they wouldn't be quite so terrible to play through imo). WoD's defining feature was a mobile menu minigame that ensured most non-raid PvE content wasn't worth the trouble.

    Also, the Saurfang cinematics were a nice touch at least from a design standpoint.
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    I went with mediocre in the end.

    Things I've liked:

    - 8.0 Zandalar and KT storylines
    - Arathi and darkshore World Content
    - Raids

    Things I've not liked:

    - AP and azerite gear
    - M+ Dungeons
    - Islands implementation and rewards
    - 8.3 world content and poor story (rare spawn time)

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    I like that they added so many new allied races. I'm willing to bet that as expansions progress 'old' allied races will become pay to unlock. The argument could be made that forcing players to go back to do dated content to unlock keeps them subscribed but I dunno.

    I liked BoDA as a raid - I've always been a fan of storming the city raids like SoO and Ulduar. Big, expansive. I like the Horde v Alliance encounters and being shape shifted to the other faction. It was a nice touch.

    Story wise overall I think things fell flat. We're at war, but its largely these small skirmishes that take place outside of the attack on Lordaeron and the final assault on Orgrimmar. I get at this point the Battle for Azeroth was against the Old Gods, but so many of us saw it coming that the pay off just really isn't there.

    The essence and trait system was so supremely broken that I'm still trying to figure out how it ever made it out of beta. The first iteration where you could get an upgrade piece (based on ilevel) but had to let it sit in your bags because your Heart wasn't leveled enough boggles my mind. I still remember the days where we were fed the bullshit about "we're removing reforging because we want an upgrade to be an upgrade". Now we have this garbage and we have to sim everything. Cause that's the best route. Take us out of game to a third party site to figure out if something is an upgrade. 10/10 Blizz. They did improve on this in 8.2 where we got the first ring guaranteed unlock, and they further improved on ensuring that 8.3 azerite had the BiS trait for most specs guaranteed. Essences though? Fucking rip-a-goddamn-roni. Never has a patch made things so alt-unfriendly. You want to try something new? GG cause the essence you need is time locked behind rep gating or some other resource and you'll be behind in power until you unlock it.

    The calls for account wide essences were ignored (what else is new...) where there is zero reason. If we have Rank 3 of an essence, unlocking Rank 2 account wide makes things more enjoyable and still requires a grind to get up to speed fully. It would also largely make people continue subscribing because they can effectively play more toons. The number of casualties from this expansion has been insane. As an RBGer, there were TONS of teams forming in Season 1. Now in Season 4 I can tell you the roughly 30-40 people that will queue at any given time. You run into the same people over and over just in different configurations.

    Keystones are solid - the seasonal affixes added some interesting new dimensions and I'm interested to see how the Season 4 affix plays out. Season 1 affix was meh, LOVED Reaping, Beguiling made things interesting depending on week.

    Gear. I saved this for last because its a literal dumpster fire. If you don't have the right rank of the right essence for the content you're doing you're so far behind its horrid. The raid trinkets are miles and away better than anything else that if you don't farm that boss you're at a loss (looking at you Leviathan's Lure). I remain convinced that Blizzard has abso-fucking-lutely no idea how to effectively balance their shit. Infinite Stars as a corruption effect tells me they haven't learned a single thing. EVERY sim has it miles ahead of anything else. It received a 25% nerf ONE FUCKING WEEK into being available. How does no one catch this?

    Shadowlands effectively needs to be another Legion, if not another TBC or Wrath, to pull people back in. The game isn't going to die, but it seems to be fading.

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    Worse than Warlords of Dreanor, that’s quite a feat of strength honestly.

    Trash gameplay, reward and progression systems (seems inspired by mobile games), uninspired story, warfronts and island expeditions are a total failure, bland PvP and so on

    Art and music are somewhat decent as usual with Blizzard productions.

    At least WoD had semi-good progression systems (would have been way better without the garrison) and better gameplay (still subpar compared to WotLK+).

    While WoD was like 3 or 4/10, BFA is hardly a 2. It’s not a bad game per se, it’s just a really bad iteration of WoW, of a MMO and a RPG. It’s an average mobile game that’s playable on PC, basically.

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    At least with Legion, Sargeras' defeat felt believable, and felt satisfactory to the plot.

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    Only my second expansion but BfA is a distant second to Legion. It is not that it was terrible, it just didn't make sense, all the faction war stuff, burning of the tree etc. and then, nothing..gone, it was pointless. The first raid had a terrible last boss, dungeons have sort of grown on me a bit but they are poor compared to most of legion's ones.

    I miss tier sets, I unlike many I enjoyed the hunt for Legion legionaries, raids were better in Legion (even EN, though the Battle of Dazar'alor was good.) The issue with the raids is they are seasonal, there is no need to go back to them. I liked the EN,ToV, NH runs of Legion.

    BfA ultimately seems disjointed, in story, in game direction, in what to do with alts, also I'm not a massive fan of these seasonal (almost) complete resets (but even they are confused, essences not reset, everything else is ). Overall it had so much promise, there was hype at the start, but it fell flat.

    Voted Mediocre

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    BFA: Better than Cata and WoD, but that doesn't make it good...

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