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    I'd give BFA a 4/10. Art design deserves all the props.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    And with the lay offs, piis poor employee morale , ShadowLands will almost assuredly be Hot garbage as well , Here it is almost Feb and almost no new news on it other then what we were told last year
    Hell.. even the tier set models based on armor class instead of class was because their artists "just don't feel like it anymore and they aren't inspired enough".

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    Hell.. even the tier set models based on armor class instead of class was because their artists "just don't feel like it anymore and they aren't inspired enough".
    When morale is poor, quality will suffer. Look at 8.3 ...I mean the quality is shit even for a end of expansion Patch. You can tell they started to get some ideas then just said fuck it and threw in things
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    When morale is poor, quality will suffer. Look at 8.3 ...I mean the quality is shit even for a end of expansion Patch. You can tell they started to get some ideas then just said fuck it and threw in things
    "just copy the end of the lord of rings. Move on to Shadowlands. Who cares?"

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    BFA is the first expansion I barely played. I just couldn't find the interest.

    I played every other expansion from start to finish. This was the first time I couldn't do it.

    I'm not saying it is bad; just that it wasn't for me. Thus, it was the worst expansion, imo.

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    Bad but not terrible or the worst. Bottom half though.

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    BfA started rough.

    Got better in the middle.

    Then turned into a dumpster fire. The coals were always there but Blizz could have avoided the inferno but chose to pour gasoline all over the embers.

    Azerite Traits were a bad idea. The idea that you can get a 4xx item and it is actually worse than a 3xx item is incredibly bad design. Oh yes! I finally got a new chest piece and look at all that strength and stamina and...oh never mind it is garbage because its best slots are for a different spec.

    Essences were a terrible idea. Especially for PvP. You had no idea what anyone could do anymore. You couldn't deploy tactics. You just hoped you had out grinded the other person and your Win Button was stronger.

    Corruption was the worst idea. It deepened PvP issues and has given rise to your ability to get a group depending completely on RNG. Sorry buddy we're looking for these corruptions.

    Raiding was okay. There were hits and misses but it was okay. I didn't like some mechanics and the faction swap in BoD felt like incredibly cheap play was okay.

    I liked Islands but it felt as though so much potential was untapped.

    I liked Warfronts but again they felt like someone had the idea, the devs created it, and no one ever bothered to finish the work.

    The inclusion of Pathfinder was no big deal in my mind because Zandalar and Kul'Tiras, for the most part, felt well designed and easy to get navigate. When 8.2 dropped my opinion on that changed and suddenly all the crap I didn't like about BfA started creeping in. Pathfinder 2 took longer than Pathfinder 1(at least for me). The zones were designed for flight with little content masked by terrain obstacles in Naj and Mecha.

    WPvP also really went to pot with the gimmicks in 8.2.

    8.3 is an insult.

    Visions are a neat idea but poorly executed. I've had three failed visions because of bugs. That's a lot of wasted farming. God awful repetitive farming that makes Pathfinder irrelevant and all the BfA zones ghost towns. Farming I don't want to do because it isn't fun but I did it...because we're gonna get N'Zoth!

    Which brings me to the story...Where was the war? Okay Jaina gets redeemed yay. We kill the King who sold out to a death god that was moderately amusing. And...that really doesn't do anything. Where's Jani by the way? Best loa got no time. So then we fall into a hole in the ocean because both factions apparently forgot they had airships. And then we fight an old god's corruption before a terrible ending I won't put here because spoilers and junk.

    I watched the cinematic and had no immediate reaction. Started grinding out Uldum crap. Got ganked as I was about to kill a 122 rare. No real reaction because that happens all the time but then I looked at the combat log and most of the damage was essence/corruption procs.

    I just kind of sat there for a minute looking at the combat log. I just couldn't get this thought out of my mind: This is not going to improve. Quit, unsubbed, and uninstalled.

    When I left in Cata it was partially a lack of enjoyment but also I was very busy at the time. 8.3 literally made me quit. It wasn't a rage quit. It was a Why would I bother to keep playing this game? What is the reward? What is the dopamine release? I have no interest in progressing my main when the end result of that effort is negated by chance. Alts? Not with that introductory quest and essences thanks.

    BfA had good points so it isn't the worst--it's the third worst.

    Fairly certain Shadowlands is going to land somewhere down there as well.
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    Story was atrocious, like they took a book, ripped out half the pages and told half the story. Absolute shite. PvP is a joke, Azerite system - shite. Classes are homogenous garbage. Terrible ending. Fair to say, this expansion sucked the sweat from a dead man's balls.

    Beautiful art and soundtrack, the only positive notes. And don't hold out hope for the every-other expansion blessing/curse, with how this company has evolved SL will likely be a steaming pile of shit too.

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    BFA: A shallow, disconnected jumble of experimental content that failed to deliver value and was rushed in the last content patch to be nothing more than drivel.

    Followed by at least a 9 month content drought, and a yet another promise of "we'll do better int he next expansion that costs $60".

    Waste of time... WoW has been dead and buried for a few expansions now.

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    Story was absolute garbage. The whole burning Teldrassil to whatever the hell the ending cinematic was. Terrible, unneeded faction war. Sylvanas is just an awful character and again is in the main story for Shadowlands. Can she seriously fuck off already? Classes are a bland, uninspiring mess. So boring to play and no depth. Azerite is terrible and essences should be account wide for people who play alts.

    Huge disappointment from start to end.

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