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    Quote Originally Posted by snackfeat View Post
    I just did. Check mate. win this round.

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    Bad, mostly because the horrible story (both faction wars and lackluster old god) and expansion content, war fronts and isles ... Ok raids and imho corruption was quite fun so not the worst expansion but not one to be remembered fondly overall.

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    I'd say it's just bad. I'd put it on par with Cata which is above WoD but below everything else. The reasons I think Cata and BfA were bad are totally different, but they get about the same outcome.

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    The stories and aesthetics of the zones were generally okay. I liked Drustvar, I liked... Jaina's story where she confronts herself and her past. I liked Vol'Dun's theme too. Rest was kinda bland and forgettable.

    Dungeons were horrendously bland, some straight up anti fun when it came to Mythic+ (Tol'Dagor and Waycrest Manor.) Out of the Eleven dungeons we had at the end, I think I enjoyed, not particularly liked 4, from best to least best; The Underrot, operation mechagon, Temple of Sethralis, waycrest manor. I liked the aesthetics and themes behind them, even Waycrest manor (Despite the crampy corridors and multiple floors with stuff like sanguine.) Tol'Dagor alone makes this expansions batch of dungeons the worst of all expansions though. Buggy, boring mess.

    Raids were, for the most part lackluster too. I took several breaks this expansion, came back each tier to dip my toes. Uldir was a cool entry raid, fun enough bosses, but as an Alliance player, I was excruciatingly frustrated with the absurd lack of story and information leading up to it in-game. I felt the war campaign could have been utilized for stuff like this. Dazar'alor was a good, solid raid, Eternal palace was super boring and Ny'alotha was a giant disappointment.

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    The class design was average, the overarching systems were terrible in my opinion as they kept adding layer upon layer of them in order to fix a problem they put on their shoulders themselves and the story, as told from within the game, could've been worked on a lot more. The naga and old god storylines were wasted over a couple of patches, which is a huge mistake in my opinion. The overarching systems, hanging over the Azerite gear as a form of bandaid, are the worst part about this expansion.

    Overall however, I think it is a decent expansion. Compared to having to farm the same dungeon over and over again to get a currency and then never feeling incentivized to go back in again, having to farm materials for days just to be ready for a few hours of raiding and the drought that we almost always faced in almost all previous expansions, BfA looks decent, being saved by the amount of stuff to collect and the amount of instanced content to go through with.
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    Almost worse than WoD. That they managed to make something awesome like Legion in the middle of them is a great achievement. And the longer time flies, WoD starts to be a little bit better. Already liking gameplay on more than 2 specs again in SL, so I guess when I get more of that feeling going forward, WoD will be remembered more fondly than BfA.
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    My review

    extremly good expansion - leveling was very fun , there was plenty of casual activities to do , WF were major success in my eyes , dungeons were fun , raiding was like always raiding - booring but for some reason devs still force it into game

    overall much better expansion the Legion - had similiar amount of fun playing it as in MoP .

    have high hopes for Shadowlands , my "main " alts are all 460-465 and ready for leveling

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    I have started playing during Bfa after very very long time. I cant really compare the new systems brought but I have to say I loved kul tiran quest line, i loved the theme and i loved the nyalotha raid. Good job on these.
    Chin up lil pup.

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    Worst ever. At least in WoD you could make millions by running the mission table with your army of alts.

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    Classes are just simplified every expansion. Too simplified. It hit new records with BFA. DPS mechanics are so plain. All classes feel the same. Hit X a few times to proc Y maybe, and Z as a debuff to maintain. Cooldowns give stats. I mean do something interesting? I dunno. Its hard for me to decide what class to play, because they're all just plain.

    Corruption was one of the ideas that probably seem cool on paper, but ruined the game really. Time gated to such a degree that if you did not start on time, you're screwed.
    And arenas.. oh my god. You can die to procs. Literally. tentacle/gushing/stars and some azerite ability. Yikes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by caninepawprints View Post
    Except Wrath of the Lich King. The majority loved that expansion both in the beginning and the end. That's no doubt the reason it was the expansion that had the most people playing. Too bad it's the final expansion before Blizzard was sold to Activision. Activision is what ruined this game.
    I remember people shafting BC and praising the upcoming Wotlk expansion because gear looked like a 1960s space scifi.
    I remember people bashing Wotlk because Ulduar and ToC was too short, Naxxramas and 5mans were too easy, content rehashes, nothing to do, etc.
    Ulduar was got shit on constantly while it was current (it was buggy and long), but praised to the heavens in later expansions.

    I wish we have "problems" like early WoW had...

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    Below mediocre. 4/10. So much wasted potential.

    Great Zuldazar, Boralus, Nazjatar and Rustbolt design. Very cool and different interesting dungeons. I liked these.

    But everything was polluted with extremely annoying and stupid rng progress systems. Weekly chest, azerite vendor, corruption... What a joke. Azerite, essence and corruption are finally fun to play around with but after these being fixed throughout the expansion.

    Other than this, Warfronts... Don't ever serve me with this turbo mega low quality piece of gameplay. Expeditions could have been a success if someone didn't pour a ton of dev resources into warfronts.

    Can't speak a lot about raids, only casually visiting these. Uldir was mediocre, Battle felt nice, Eternal palace never been there - I didn't play 8.2 at all. Ny'lotha is just very average for end-game raid.
    A lot of convoluted storylines. Didn't care about the grand scheme that much but it felt messy.

    Class design felt bad in the beginning of the expansion. DHs were promoted all the way through the expansion. It should be a fair game, not a meta game. It's kinda getting boring to have a noob DH that dies on each trash pull in every single dungeon group.

    I can't comment on PvP since I am very casual about it these days. Just farming Honor levels these days.
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    3/10 to much water.

    I kid I kid. In all seriousness. I don't think BFA is the worst expansion. That goes to WoD. But it's def bottom 2 with WoD. The expansion had some decent moments, but there is a lot wrong with it that I really don't wanna type out. The expansion had a lot of good when it was announced, but that good slowly turned into disappointment. I do feel 8.2 is better then 8.0, 8.1, and 8.3. I honestly liked Nazatar and Mechagon. I also don't think it's as bad as WoD. WoD was horrible, But again. Bottom 2 for me.

    BFA gets a 4/10. So much potential. Failed so hard. Disappointing.

    Well. Let's see how Shadowlands goes. Though people are already crying about it, so this should be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharendil View Post
    Oh yeah who doesn't enjoy mindless grinding.
    Uh yeah? Else there'd be nothing to do and I literally would have no reason to even log into the game outside of raidtime... and sometimes I really -want to- do something in WoW and have something to do.
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    Art team ALMOST topped WOTLK this time around.

    The gating has gotten way out of hand. The horrible forced grinding is out of hand. Patches were more spread out and generally smaller.

    I'd say, easily, and I mean this, BFA, despite all of its horrible flaws with Azerite, is still better than WoD, Cata, and maybe even BC if you look from the perspective of a normal person.

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    Tbh WoD was much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    I found it a lot of fun, also unlike earlier expansions (pre WoD) - loved how no grinding was required.
    Umm... what? Did we play the same expansion? Did I get the EXTRA GRIND edition by mistake?

    The grind was literally THE defining characteristic of BfA. Mind-numbing, pointless solo grinds. Essences were a grind, Pathfinder was a grind, Titanforging was a grind, Corruptions were a grind. AP was a grind. Cloak upgrades were a grind. Literally *everything* in BfA was designed to waste your time with trivialities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Packmule View Post
    Better then legion, i would rate it a 4 out of 10

    - - - Updated - - -

    I definitly dind’t feel this was the wordt expansion, nothing tops legion. Its just that bad. Warlord of draenor was a masterpiece compared to that wheelchair expansion
    maybe you should play a different game if you feel BFA and legion were so terrible? I feel like there has to be a plethora of games worth over a 4/10

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    The worst for me. Terrible systems, classes all feel wrong and more boring than in the previous expansion, and the story is all over the place and not good. So much random stuff was added that simply wasn't any fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caninepawprints View Post
    The amazing thing is in the beginning of BFA, there were lots of people talking about how great BFA was and how it was easily the best expansion WoW released.
    I must have missed this, BFA was surrounded by negativity from Beta onwards. Before the expansion came out, before any of my friends got to try it, we were hyped, war mode sounded great, talks of air drops, world pvp was back, 2 new pieces of content, PvP rich expansion. But after a month our group was deflated and barely hanging on, once we cleared HC uldir, our guild died and my friends quit the game.

    Once the patch notes of 8.1 were coming alive, no one was hyped by anything, the big release was a new warfront, our guild had the same issue in legion but when 7.1 came out, we got ToV, Karazhan. Contrast that to 5 more quests added to the war campaign and the darkshore warfront. I question whether Mechagon was meant to come out in 8.1 but Blizzard were just too far behind at that point and delayed it.

    Either way, my group of friends didn't return the whole expansion, even when it did improve slightly later on.

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