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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula Deen View Post
    Art team ALMOST topped WOTLK this time around.
    nah no way. Zandalar and Kul Tiras minus Vol'dun, are beautiful zones but everything else? You can tell the art team was rushed especially with Nazjatar. The Art team carried of course as always but BFA's soundtrack isn't anywhere close to WOTLK, Legion, or MoP. And all of MoP's zones, dungeons and raids were stunning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    nah no way. Zandalar and Kul Tiras minus Vol'dun, are beautiful zones but everything else? You can tell the art team was rushed especially with Nazjatar. The Art team carried of course as always but BFA's soundtrack isn't anywhere close to WOTLK, Legion, or MoP. And all of MoP's zones, dungeons and raids were stunning.
    I feel sorry for the art team because they are under huge strain to carry the game at the moment because the systems team are letting them down. But yeah the WoW art team are the true rock stars of the WoW team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekz View Post
    I'll trust blizzard over your assessment. They've been doing this for a long time. It may very well be that your class is nerfed in which case, your class will feel as if it doesn't work correctly.

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    BfA wasn't the worst but it was essentially a copypaste of Legion but much much shittier.

    It's like they watered down every good aspect of Legion and made it crappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    How... are opinions objectively wrong?

    Hitler wasn't so bad.

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    69.15% Thought it was bad or worse. Yikes.

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    both islands and warfronts were tests for the future. they will make people play with ai in dungeons and raids as they keep bleeding subs.
    especially tanks and healers, I guess and in the later expansions we will be working on our AI partner while gearing him up and improving his AI.
    (like the ai in armored core V if anybody played, we could improve how it behaved by setting different conditions and parameters)

    since we will be doing most content solo, borrowed powers will have no effect and thus will no need for balancing. they will keep using borrowed powers forever.
    this game turned into a smartphone game already.

    that being said, I still enjoy the game. I worked on my +15s, get aotc for each raid, complete the story. I enjoyed BFA except few things like the events of darkshore. I still have nzoths eye but nothing happens etc. I could say for me it was 7/10 expansion. I have not logged to the game for more than a month tho, and I was the last one to quit the game in my guild. everybody is waiting for shadowlands.

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    As a casual spending more time on wowhead trying to figure out what is an upgrade over playing i think it was a bit too complicated. I would give it a 5.3 out of 10. There were some fun aspects.

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    Don't worry, you'll get plenty of chances to reflect as Shadowlands makes almost all of the same mistakes.

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    Man that's a lot of rose tinted glasses.
    Warlords still remains as the worst expansion for me.
    ... I mean, there was absolutely nothing to do besides raiding. At least during BfA you had M+ and other stuff you could do besides the weekly raid lockout.
    Warlords had amazing raids, and I think that's why people remember that husk of an expansion so fondly.
    BFA was a mediocre expansion, cursed with way too much borrowed power and unpolished systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Worst fucking expansion ever put out. Everything about it was shit except for art and music
    I wouldn't say -everything-. The profession upgrades were much needed. Same with the new AH. I mean, still a decade behind most other MMO's but still.

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    Can't believe this thread is this old. How the hell can you give an official review, when at the time this thread was created, BfA was nowhere near the end. People didn't even see Ny'alotha yet.

    Leave it to the MMO-C community to create yet another pointless poll.

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    Bland, boring, tedious.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Without a doubt the worst systems, I can't think of anything that had a bigger negative impact on the game than Corruption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orwell7 View Post
    I remember people shafting BC and praising the upcoming Wotlk expansion because gear looked like a 1960s space scifi.
    I remember people bashing Wotlk because Ulduar and ToC was too short, Naxxramas and 5mans were too easy, content rehashes, nothing to do, etc.
    Ulduar was got shit on constantly while it was current (it was buggy and long), but praised to the heavens in later expansions.

    I wish we have "problems" like early WoW had...
    I'm not sure where you saw those things. People praised Ulduar, even when it was current content, because it introduced new methods of clearing bosses. It was popular! People loved it when it was current and it's looked back on fondly by many players. But I am sure there were players who hated it for various reasons, which can be said for any content. I know the next raid, TOC, was never popular, and that's not a surprise. It always felt like a quickly-added raid between patches to tide players over until ICC was available. Players loved ICC until it was the ONLY content for 9+ months and they were bored out of their minds, having cleared it on the top difficulty long before. They spent a lot of time twiddling their thumbs in Dalaran waiting for something new.

    Naxx, on the other hand, was reused content, but it was actually a great first raid for the expansion. Many players didn't get to experience Naxx when it was first introduced in vanilla, and those who did enjoyed being able to see it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Very rare pepe View Post
    I must have missed this, BFA was surrounded by negativity from Beta onwards.
    You definitely missed it. MMO-Champion forums were filled with posts praising BFA and how wonderful it was. It made my eyes roll because players go through the same routine before every expansion only to do a 180 after a month or two of the game going live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nak88 View Post
    Wow! the people have spoken: BfA is the worst or the second worst expansion ever!
    Not quite. The forum has spoken.

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    Music was good but the story was destroyed. It will take years to fix that damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th3Scourge View Post

    Hitler wasn't so bad.
    Counterpoint: At least he had good intentions for his ubermenchen. Stalin, however, was totally selfish.

    Yet of course, I don't consider any of them to be good people.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
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    One of the Worst WoW Expansions Ever Released

    Is what I went with. I was going to give it a little more credit but I stopped to think about my major gripes...

    • Story: The planet has a huge blade shoved into it... OMG!!!1!. Actually... screw it. Let's play some grab ass together. Seriously... wtf.
    • Island Expeditions: Reskinned MoP Scenarios but with any semblance of a story stripped. Nothing more than a tech demo for their new AI.
    • Warfronts: Cool the first time or two I guess. There should have been a lot more. Like 2-3 different ones up at a time for it to be interesting due to variety. As it was... just a side show to do once and forget.
    • Neck / azerite armor: Who's idea was this? Just terrible. We should have infused our legion artifacts with Azerite to increase it's item levels. Maybe tied to the two expansions together a little more..? Then add dungeon / raid / pvp / open world drops of "augments" to add to the artifact to make up for the lack of weapon drops. Those augments could have very powerful abilities but skewed to whatever content that dropped it. Could have added in new skins to collect too... Just because a new expansion launches doesn't mean you have to piss away everything from the previous one.
    • Launch zones: Alright I guess. Nothing egregious besides the stories seemingly disjointed - not that that's new. Did really like Drustvar - more of that please.
    • Patch zones: gnomes and naga suck. Their zones did too.
    • Dungeons: Varied and none made me want to slam my dick in a car door. Horde getting an easier time of it is just par for the course.
    • Raids: No judgement. I don't raid enough to knock the xpac for it. I do the tourist mode once then back to mythics / pvping with the boys.
    • Warmode: I play the wrong faction to touch this shit with a ten foot pole. I hear they kinda fixed it..? Too late for me to care now.
    • Visions: Would have been great if there was more variety. Got old real damn fast.
    • Corruption: Absolute cluster that has been rehashed a million times.

    All in all... it's only ahead of WoD for worst ever imo. I REALLY liked Tanaan so that almost put WoD ahead for me... How sad is that? /sigh
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    Azerite: Annoying
    Heart of azeroth: Boring
    Island expeditions: ... Who?
    Warfronts: Wasted potential
    Essences: Fuck off
    Corruption: Good idea, but man, did they face planted here.
    Horrific Visions; Pretty nice, I loved them.
    Lore: Next time you gonna copy MoP, make sure to copy it's charm too.
    M+ affixes: It was pretty good, have to admit that. Dungeons were A+, except Shrine.
    Raids: Pretty cool, did not do palace though.
    8.1: Okay.
    8.2: Better
    8.3: Bad, then very good.

    Overall, I had my fun but man, it was hard to remain invested at times.

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    I said before and I will say it again.

    BfA and SL will be the "get your house in order" Expansion pack. SL is already looking much better but it will still have issues and we got almost nothing new with it.
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    I played this xpac on and off since it's launch. I particularly enjoyed the first two raids. Story wise, alliance zones stood out. Drustvar especially. I hope the drust will be used in some capacity in SL (i avoided any info from the SL alpha and beta when it comes to story, so no idea if they do). Horde side, i loved the fact that we got some new faces through Zekhan and Rokhan. Talanji's journey was also nice. Bwomsamdi is also a cool character.
    On the minus side, it's mostly gameplay mechanics and systems on top of systems that made everything worse and complicated.
    So, to give some grades, i'd say Gameplay 3/10. Story 6/10 Art 10/10 Questing 7/10. In terms of all time xpacs, i'd say it's better than WoD and Cata, but worse than the others.
    I really appreciate the art team, for the past few xpacs they have been doing a really good job.

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    thank god its over, yeah this pretty much sums it up
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