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  • Worst WoW Expansion Ever Released

    416 25.33%
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    492 29.96%
  • A Bad WoW Expansion

    202 12.30%
  • Mediocre Expansion

    336 20.46%
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    159 9.68%
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    20 1.22%
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    I enjoyed it more than Cata or WoD, but it was definitely sub-par for me and my wife hated it. My real big complaint with BfA is the awful story. I also really lament the lack of class armor xmog from the raids. Azerite armor was nowhere near as fun or interesting to me as Legion artifacts were. I did enjoy the warfronts at first, but after awhile they became tiresome.
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    It was better than WoD, somewhat en par with Cataclysm, but probably worse. Very disappointed with expeditions, which I had expected to be my type of content, and the story was horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    The results of this survey are extremely predictable. Ask the same again in two years. Everything will change. Exactly like WoD.
    WoD is still the worst expansion for me!

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    Alliance zones (Drustvar especially)
    Raid boss design (NOT Behemoth)
    Dungeon design

    Not good, not bad:
    Visions of SW/Org
    Corruption gear (the idea was okay)

    Azerite armor
    Essence re-grind
    Corruption balancing
    The lack of PvP gear/rewards
    Horde zones (Voldun was okay)
    Class balance
    GCD change not being reverted/fixed
    Island expeditions
    Sylvanas and everything they did to her character
    The end of the expansion, how we took down N'zoth, was weak. We should not be this powerful...

    It was bad.

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    Loved 8.0 / 8.1
    Didn’t mind 8.2
    Hated 8.3

    Second worst expansion, with only WoD being worse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grythletubs View Post
    BfA wasn't the worst but it was essentially a copypaste of Legion but much much shittier.

    It's like they watered down every good aspect of Legion and made it crappy.
    Yeah, that's how it is in essence(pun). And I am writing that pun because Essences was a watered(pun) down Artifact Weapon that they rushed to make since Azerite Armor failed miserably. Essences was also the only system I liked in BfA. If they had that from start and more fleshed(pun) out, then BfA would have been a lot better on that front.
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    When I quit in BfA back in the latter stages of 8.1, (Dazar'Alor Battle raid), I took a year off. When I came back in 8.3, it was overwhelming: new essence rental power, two new zones you had to do to unlock flying (Nazjatar and Mechagon), new corruption rental power, visions, Uldum, Vale, etc...It was just too much and I quit a few weeks after returning. If Shadowlands is anything close to BfA in terms of massive grinding and rental powers, I won't even try it.

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    I enjoyed it, not as much as Legion but I did. Good things: amazing zones, great dungeons and raids, horrific visions, Mechagon. Bad things: Nazjatar, some specs felt missing something after Artefacts were gone, islands and warfronts being irrelevant in the end. Overall, I did enjoy it, I played less though. I wish it was more focused on a faction war instead of old gods, I wouldn't mind having Siege of Stormwind and more warfronts in 8.3 but oh well.

    For me it is slightly better than WoD and Cata but not as good as MoP or Legion or Wotlk.

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    I still do not understand why warfronts was not vs ppl and why ilvl of reward for pvp invasion didn't changed since the time it was included in to the game?! (like 375 ilvl). They showed to us some good ideas, but at the same time they break it itself - wtf.

    Tbh art/media and other parts of content were on top lvl before last patch, i really enjoyed Jaina's story line, cinematics and etc.

    PVP for me (i mean arena at least) was worst than ever, first seasons were boring as hell, we had a bit low azerite choice and useless neck, then we got usefull neck and another one ring in azerite, it made choice much vairable, but at the same time we got a stupid grind system to got this essenses, we got imbalance pve tank trinkets, and as a gift we got corruptions, at start it was absolutely RNG disbalance system, after corruptions vendor some of classes became out of any control. And, the number of things i should do to play arena at decent lvl were much highter then ever - fact.

    And the last part - class design. Some of classes still be in deep ass if they will not up by corruptions, other were even with corruptions lol.

    so. RNG system and class design of BFA were the worth

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    Worst WoW expansion, even worse than WoD. Congrats Blizzard on achieving this!

    It warms my heart that only ~ 10% say BfA was a good expansion, while ~ 20% rate it as mediocre and an overwhelming amount of ~ 70% rate it as bad, very bad or the worst overall.

    Not that I called it two weeks after BfA's launch. It was obvious from the start that BfA would suck and guess what, it did. From story to features to incentives to play - this expansion was a gigantic misfire (granted, it incredibly succeeded with alienating players and making player activity plummet).
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    loved the world building+continents. Wish the danger of Azerite was explored more though... PVE wasn't great, PVP was ok. Corruptions were really annoying since they were RNG. art team did a great job. hated the removal of tier sets. very few nice armor sets out of this xpack
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    The only reason I might rank WoD higher than BFA is because there was no constant Corruption grinding back in WoD.

    But both of them take the worst expansion cake easily.
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    BfA is a bad expansion, but atleast 2 expansions was worse...
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by snackfeat View Post
    Objectively wrong opinion.

    BFA was absolute dogshit.
    It is my personal opinion my friend.

    Objectively speaking ... at the middle of legion when u want to change ur spec for ex. .. you need to farm relics+AP ... aaaaand ur best leggo to play ur 2nd spec with the same chara .. what about playing the 3rd spec then? is that fine? farming a month or so for AP+relics and pray for rng god for good leggo for ur spec?

    yes bfa not the best exp. but not worst than legion again in my opinion i suffered during legion so yeah its worst exp. ever in many terms .. bfa after 8.2 getting better ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by hllfrmththrsd View Post
    I wish it was more focused on a faction war instead of old gods
    lol, I'm the exact opposite. I wish there had been more Old Gods throughout the expansion and could have done without the faction war completely. When they announced that BfA would focus on the faction war I immediately knew I was not going to enjoy the story.
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    I stopped playing around 8.2 so I can't really say much about what happened after that but.

    +The pre expansion videos and story was really good and got me hyped
    +Leveling, art, music and some zone stories were really good(most memorable were Drustwar, Nazmir and Vol'dun)
    +I personally liked pruning and thematic specs a lot
    +No flying while I played
    +Raiding with my guild was pretty fun

    -Borrowed power again
    -Exponential character growth making everything you do meaningless after the next patch hits
    -Grindy.. since everything is boring and takes a long time to do and will become meaningless the next patch, why even bother?
    -Professions. They managed to completely ruin them.
    -Mission table. Legion got it right, BfA made it more grindy and less useful.
    -Casual PvP was terrible. Immortal healers, low damage. Button smashing over tactics.
    -Focus on cosmetic rewards over actually useful things
    -Mythic+ in general. I know a lot of people like these but I think they're like arenas.. toxic and immersion breaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caninepawprints View Post
    You definitely missed it. MMO-Champion forums were filled with posts praising BFA and how wonderful it was. It made my eyes roll because players go through the same routine before every expansion only to do a 180 after a month or two of the game going live.
    Ahh right on MMO-C, yeah that makes sense. Barely pay attention to this place to be fair.

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    I would say it's the second worst expansion after WoD. BfA content was pretty poor quality, but at least it had some content unlike WoD.

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    Expansions are like elected politicians. Everyone loves them when they start, hates them when they are over, and think better of them a bit later when the current expansion/politician is in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElDoorO View Post
    I wouldn't say -everything-. The profession upgrades were much needed. Same with the new AH. I mean, still a decade behind most other MMO's but still.
    There was Professions in BFA? Honestly I never touched them, again after the first month of Launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkke View Post
    I would say it's the second worst expansion after WoD. BfA content was pretty poor quality, but at least it had some content unlike WoD.
    Wod was better then BFA, At least the content that was in WOD was fun. BFA had no fun.
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    I give it a 9 out of 10 score for lack of transmogs i wanted ingame that is it for me.

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