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    Well it started utterly insultingly horrible but they kept saying "Trust us." And against better judgment we did they kept at it and it got worse and worse. Azerite was completely half assed and boring. The Jaina story and parts of Draz'alor were quite good and gave a glimpse of what could have been. But overall everything was dropped and unfulfilled strung together and left wasted. So the sad part is BfA is pretty much on the bottom of the trash heap right alongside WoD.

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    I'd say mediocre, not as bored with it as I was WoD but definitely not as happy as other expansions either.
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    It was alright for what it was.

    8.3 had the better non-raiding content though.

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    5/10 every thing is ok but nothing is great might have gotten a higher rating if i had raided past uldir.

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    Class design is literately 95% of what I do in wow.

    Class design was absolute horseshit, fury warriors was an exception.

    Too much pointless content.

    BFA is the polar opposite of WOD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    I mean I'll point you to the thread "Was there really a lack of content in WoD."
    that means nothing, good day.

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    No, BFA is not done yet and judging it today would do it a disservice.

    8.3 launched a week ago and Shadowlands cannot be releasing before fall of 2020, which means we are in front of a lengthy content drought AGAIN. So whatever number or letter grade or scale you give BFA needs to be subtracted from a bit as a tax for the incoming drought to find it's ''true'' rating.

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    WTF Happened. I Feel like I've been in a car wreck with BFA. I can't remember nothing except my class(es) (coming from Legion) sucked. I'm sure other things happened they just wasn't good enough to cover up the bad class design. Everything could have been different if blizzard had just taken a little more time polishing up BFA. IMO Legion Ended to quick anyways.

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    I regret buying it. I thought, that it would become better by the end, but I made mistake.

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    For me at least, BFA is the worst expansion to date. I had more fun in WoD with using my alts to make a lot of gold with garrisons. I had all of their garrisons set up with the proper profession buildings, growing the herbs i wanted and trading resources with the vendors from the hut so i always had important mats on hand. I had my own little factory to constantly manage and make gold with which actually made my alts mean something. While with BFA, my alts feel weak and useless and their professions are almost worthless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    The results of this survey are extremely predictable. Ask the same again in two years. Everything will change. Exactly like WoD.
    The only scenario where BFA gets fondly remembered in the future is if the expansions that come after it are even worse.

    Getting back to the OP's question.

    The reason I voted BFA as the worst expansion ever is that after getting one toon to max level I quit Retail, 3 hours later, for good having come to the realization that what BFA really represented was a single player Diablo like metric driven expansion that doubled down on systems from the prior 2 expansions and cemented, in my mind, that there was little to no hope that Blizzard wasn't going to continue down this path in the future. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice (or 3 times in this instance) and shame on me.

    If you like BFA, and what it represents, I think that's fine and dandy. And there's no need to debate the various systems and content in BFA. That horse has been beaten to death. Personally, Retail has left me behind. Thank the powers that be I have Classic, warts and all, to piddle around with in my spare time (3 alts max lvl atm 56 mage). It will take me a long time to consume all the content in Classic but at least I'll get some enjoyment from it in the process.

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    This expac is an total joke.

    Story plot was written probably on the knee, because there is too much flaws... That even WoD can be jealous.

    Gameplay mechanics again most sucks... But here i can mostly complain about heart of azeroth grind.

    War mode bonus total joke at least for me. 20% for exp etc? This don't convince me to turn PvP ON tbh.

    I don't expect, Shadowlands will be any better. But i will have fun, on blind people believing on everything what Ion will say soon.
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    It's a REALLY close call between WoD and BfA for worst expansion. It's like Blizzard was trying to outdo itself.

    It comes down to what you consider 'worse' imo. WoD was awful because there was just so little worth doing, that I never felt like logging in was worthwhile. BfA is awful because there's so much to do, yet all of it is worse than Mythic+ for gearing so all of it seems worthless. (Then to combat this, they make world gear drop stats you can't get elsewhere, just to force you into the content you don't want to do...)

    Both were godawful for their storytelling, though BfA takes the cake for me. At least WoD ATTEMPTED to make sense for what it was, even if it didn't ultimately do well at it - BfA didn't even try. (And at least WoD ended with Garrosh dead, not ushering in yet another garbage expansion.) No justification for why the Horde goes to war, no justification for CONTINUING the war after atrocious war crimes, no reason for us to feel like we have any sort of loyalty to Sylvanas whatsoever... And then we go and just toss the entire story in the toilet anyway as some shitty 99-dimensional chess game by the character we've all learned to hate at this point.

    At least I didn't feel obligated to keep logging in for Azerite Power in WoD. Even if I wanted to return for 8.3 (I don't.) I wouldn't, because even with the catch up, I'd still eventually feel obligated to log in to keep my stupid neck up in level. At least WoD allowed you to join whenever, do some catch up dungeons and get right back to the game.

    So yeah. BfA is officially the worst expansion imo. And that's saying something, considering WoD tried to sell us a S.E.L.F.I.E. patch...
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    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
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    - theme with faction islands etc
    - island expeditions(wtf)
    - alt unfriendly
    - azerite power
    - warfronts(do I need to say more)
    - seething shore bg
    - boring wqs(nothing new but tortollan wq are like lamest ever, even worse than kirin tor ones in legion)

    +some dungeons were pretty good
    +raids were okayish
    +actually think nazjatar and mechagon were pretty fun

    All in all I give the expansion a 3/10 rating. Pretty weak expansion and I myself decided to unsub until shadowlands.

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    Had a lot of fun in the expansion. Not the best, but far from the worst experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dystemper View Post
    Worst fucking expansion ever put out. Everything about it was shit except for art and music
    i agree the art and music got really good jobs. everything about bfa was terrible. lack of vision.
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    I had low hopes for this expansion since it was stated to be another faction war. It gave little to be excited over and delivered about what I expected it to. There were some parts I had fun with and a lot I disliked.

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    A complete 180 from the goodness that was Legion. That xpac had some flaws too, but none so obvious like BfA.

    Negative zero out of ten!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    BFA is absolute garbage.
    Classes were so shallow and basic that i had more fun watching windows update do its thing.
    Character progression mechanics were so unenjoyable and bad that BFA would have been better without any of the azerite system.

    Writing deserves a special mention as being literally the worst i have ever seen in anything ever.
    GOT last season was a genius masterpiece when compared to BFA story/character development and especially the war vs N'zoth.
    Classes without a doubt made it the worst expansion ever and the reason I quit and didn’t return to the new patch. As soon As I log on I want to log off. At least WoD had good classes except the last patch from where it went downhill.

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    first expansion i outright quit. wont be buying shadowlands either

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