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    It almost seems like they are trolling us. It's like they are sitting around thinking "How bad can we make this game and people still pay us for it?"

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    Wasn't there a mention of a Larger Encrypted file that could still be locked behind Mythic?

    I'm glad I don't play WoW anymore, still followed the story, but if this is really all there is to the end of this expansion... I'm done with that also because the story has turned to shit.

    Was mildly intersted in Shadowlands until I saw this ending. Not going to support this company anymore because they are not worth the money they make. Lazy devs and terrible story writers. No thought process only get this out to boost $$$ - Lets make the addicts cough up as much money as possible.

    Wonder when people will wake up and realize that the only way to retaliate is to simply not buy anything from this corporate shitstain of a company. Make Blizzard burn by not giving them any cash. Company is basically running on the addiction and trying to cling to it. Terrible, just terrible from one of the biggest names in this industry.

    But hey, people will still play this trash.

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    Too much work were put into the cinematics for Saurfang in my opinion, the last one of him dueling Sylvanas offered nothing and I wish that effort went into the ending cinematic.

    Also at the end of Legion we get a big sword going into Silithus, one whole expansion goes by without anything relating to it happening? Disappointed to also not see the land changing as we healed it with azerite over the expansion, blizzard really are out of ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eosia View Post
    Lord of the Rings called... they want their other ending back.
    Beat me to it. With the eye quivering before blowing up, I thought the same thing, even the music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenstorm View Post
    Wasn't there a mention of a Larger Encrypted file that could still be locked behind Mythic?
    People always say "wait for the mythic cinematic!" except there's literally never been a mythic-only cinematic.

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    Hey, it's still better than WoD's ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therealbowser View Post
    Hey, it's still better than WoD's ending.

    It really, really isn't

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    Quote Originally Posted by durrtygoodz View Post
    People always say "wait for the mythic cinematic!" except there's literally never been a mythic-only cinematic.
    I know there has never been a Mythic only Cinematic, but I can see Blizzard doing something stupid like this in this XPO.

    Perfect ending for a shitty expansion though. Lackluster and boring. I hope masses of people quit this game and really make Blizzard aware that they are not a AAA company anymore.

    They cut corners to save money and it shows greatly. Old Engine - Terrible games - No respect for their customers. I would actually cheer if Blizzard HQ burned to the ground at this point. I really hate this company.

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    if there is not a twist, when the mythic is done, not a cgi, not a true ending... holy shit people.
    people at blizz hq are either;

    1- counting the sweet money without a shame.
    2- sweating their pants in horror of reactions (youtube video is unlisted)

    what the actual fuck? there are loose ends everywhere and so many illogical writing. wtf.
    - what happens to the people with the eye of nzoth still? before or after the kill.
    - why is azhara let go away? like wth?
    - ne sentinels goes of with calia, tho we have other ne in horde? fucking wardens becoming harbingers of death in a matter of second?

    what kind of idiot is writing all this shit?

    BFA was carried thoroughly by CGI and that 3 comics. You had to make 1 grand final and this is what you get? 20secs of an obelisk collapsing? what the actual fuck?

    there better be TRUE ending with the myhtic or man this fucking terribly sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    It really, really isn't
    BFA's ending is complete. So even though it's bad, it won't get any worse. WoD's ending was "it's not over yet, see you next time kids lolol" with us cheering for the primary villain of the story like they are some kind of hero.

    If BFA ended with the Horde and Alliance cheering on Azshara or something, then you'd have a fair point. BFA's ending was bad, but not WoD bad.

    I'm not saying this isn't hot garbage, I'm just saying that this hot garbage can be thrown away and moved on from. WoD's ending lingered, and it was adding salt to the wound in so many different ways. But hey, at least the intro CGI for WoD was pretty cool.
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    That's... it? Wow. Epic fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    Uh, did the Blizz cinematic team just rewatch Return of the King, because the music and tower collapse looks pretty familiar.
    That was my immediate first thought soon as the video started playing. I'm starting to think that Blizzard is creatively bankrupt at this point.
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    So the defeat of what is possibly the biggest evil on Azeroth, the cause of massive corruption everywhere and that's it? Lackluster to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Goat View Post
    That's... it? Wow. Epic fail.
    Not surprising considering how the rest of bfa wasn’t great. BoD was alright but rest was bleh.

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    Wrathion cinematic = Another Anime show-off.
    N'Zoth dying like a bitch = /yawn.

    It happened exactly as I thought. With the story splitting off due to the warcampaign finishing before Blizzcon and the Shadowlands reveal, the raid has thematically been degraded to pretty much filler level on a narrative level, since we already knew that it wouldn't be relevant going forward. Quite lame for all the buildup they did for that boss.

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    what the fuck?? is this fake or real?? xd? xDD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokkuman View Post
    Is it possible that there is a different cinematic on mythic?
    It is confirmed that there is I am pretty sure.
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    - let's get real everyone, classic needs #somechanges get over it.

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    thats extremely lackluster for the final cinematic lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gref View Post
    1- counting the sweet money without a shame.

    People are addicted
    Watch how much money shadowlands brings on
    An Karanir Thanagor,
    Mor Ok Angalor..

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    Quote Originally Posted by EyeOculus View Post
    Hilarious. I bet no one knows the context to this cinematic. Neither the fight nor the aftermath but of course you have to bash it.

    Talk about toxic community.

    FYI maybe kill the boss yourself and see everything of it, instead of badmouthing a simple supporting cinematic.
    People are badmouthing it for a good reason.

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