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    To all ppl triggered when ffxiv is mentioned here: the topic is about cinematics, right?
    Just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonDays View Post
    Dude you don't need to attempt to defend them at every opportunity.

    It's shit. Just call it what it is and move on.

    This patch is a rushed, underdeveloped waste.
    wasn't aware saying that the increased work load was wasted because of bad writing was defending them. but if it makes you feel better i guess you can say it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Well the bullshit of Ny'alotha being another dimension, thus N'zoth needed to step in our reality for us to focus the Re-Origination device on him seems to be the explanation. Doesn't explain why the Titans didn't use that for the other Old Gods who were technically in our dimensions though.
    There are still so many questions open. I get a feeling that Blizzard just gave up writing a good story, and just comes up with random Hollywood bullshit. Almost like JJ Abrahams was directing it now... -.o

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    Uh... yikes.

    Considering the depth of this, this cinematic should have been far more dramatic... and longer. A 30 second blip on the radar that people will forget about in a few months.

    Meanwhile, the Wrath LK death cinematic still gets quoted to this day in positive manners:

    There must always be *lightning crack* a Lich King!

    I thought the Cataclysm one was bad with the aGe Of ThE mOrTaLs but holy shit this is pathetic.
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    Kinda sucks how they ended a boss thats been hinted at for like 10 years if not more

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    THey really did N'zoth dirty for how long they built him up. They should of at least make it that we stopped his meddling in Azeroth but also take the fight to him in Shadowlands. Not kill him off like another small blip on the radar.

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    Final cinematic of the expansion is 26 seconds? I can't believe this really.

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