View Poll Results: Worst WoW raid ending?

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  • WotLK ("No king rules forever.")

    7 2.80%
  • Cataclysm (Fireworks / Aggra is pregnant)

    50 20.00%
  • MoP ("He will stand trial in Pandaria.")

    5 2.00%
  • WoD ("DRAENOR IS FREE3333!!111")

    57 22.80%
  • Legion (see-ya in a few expansions, Illidan)

    1 0.40%
  • BfA (bootleg kame-hame-ha)

    130 52.00%
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    Honestly almost all end expansion cinematics were garbage.
    Good cinematics: WOTLK ending, MoP ending
    Shit cinematics: Everything else

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    This is bait. People are just rating a cutscene of it blowing up. I'd want to see what goes on in the fight.

    TBC didn't even have a cutscene, just Velen talking at the end, and you get to see Kalec' efforts and Anveena sacrificing in the fight.

    WoD ending is probably the worst there will ever be. Would not have been bad if they only left Archimonde throwing Gul'Dan. The second someone started talking it ruined it completely.

    Remember how people reacted to "There must always be a lich king"?

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    Cata and WoD were both horrendous, but the BFA ending still takes the number 1 spot as the biggest pile of trash for me. Not only is it an incredibly scuffed cutscene but the fact that it's centered around the player character is just next level stupid. When literally every player character is the chosen one, nothing can redeem the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Even "Draenor is FREE" at least gave you a sense of resolution even with the stinger on the end that Gul'dan was still out there.
    What was the resolution? Everybody cheering with the mass murderer who started this expansion does not really resolve much.
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    Haha...I want to hear the reasons of the 4 ppl voting WotLK as worst

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    The whole Garrosh saying 'Dreanor is free' and celebrating while before was responsible for genocide and not even paying for the crimes he committed, as well as getting a free pass by Yrel and the Draenei as if they had amnesia. Combined with how bad the rest of the expansion was there is no competition

    BfA is a close second though. A lot of people will vote for it being number 1 right now because it;s fresh. The passage of time will change that I think.

    (NOTE: Also the ending of cata was the dragons giving up their aspect powers feeling they are no longer needed)
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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Haha...I want to hear the reasons of the 4 ppl voting WotLK as worst
    The whole "There always has to be a Lich King xD" thing is really really shitty storytelling. Like, its on par with "Draenor is free".

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    Cataclysm is 100% the worst, and by quite a margin.

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    I think Deathwing being kamehameha'd by Thrall was the worst. I didn't necessarily hate the fight from a mechanical and difficulty perspective but it felt like a lackluster end to Deathwing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Why put bias in your own poll?

    It's actually WoTLK. What a let down from WC3. There must always be a Lich King and I lost on purpose to raise you as my own as I gallop around Northerend like a Saturday morning cartoon character is absolutely retarded.
    I'm really not biased one way or the other. I just put in paren what comes to mind when I think of each ending's cinematic. Although I was meme'ing a bit.

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    I voted Wrath, because I found the whole storyline in Wrath to be shit. Also the "gotta be a lich king" bullshit was.. well, bullshit.

    But it's #trending to hate BFA so we all know where this thread is going.

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    Well we didn't do a 180 and make peace with N'zoth at least, so lorewise WoD still holds the torch for me. Ny'alotha however certainly takes the cake in terms of lackluster endings, just a pathetic end to a mediocre expansion.

    Edit: Actually fuck that. The way this expansion will transfer into Shadowlands now that there is no 8.3.5, with "Suddenly Sylvanas showed up and did something" as the bridge, BFA is just the worst.
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    "Draenor Is Freeeeeee" was pretty bad.

    But the 5 second long DBZ ripoff ending is probably the worst.

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    1) MoP, wrapped up the story told throughout mists greatly. I still wished war crimes would have been patch 5.5

    2) Wrath, while it had flaws it still ended Arthas journey pretty nicely.

    3) Legion, did a great Job setting up the next expansion and had a good enough ending.

    4) Cataclysm, quite cringy but it at least finished the story in an okayish way.

    5) WoD, would have been last but it at least had dialogue. Groms sudden redemption made no sense at all.

    6) BfA, beyond weak. After all the setup N'zoth had, this is just not fitting for a character like him. Once again I think we should have gotten a whole expansion around Azshara and N'zoth. Both should have gotten major spotlight.

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    You can see on the result that one expansion of 2 is pretty bad

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    MOP's "Yay, we beat the big bad. Now let's go ship him off to some trial where the verdict has been decided before the trial begins and give him a chance to escape instead of dealing with the genocidal powermonger the same way we've dealt with everyone prior and since."

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    Cataclysm for me. I don't even remember WoD's at all, so it must not have been that bad to me, but I still remember watching Cata's and thinking "WHAT?!?!?!?!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    Even "Draenor is FREE" at least gave you a sense of resolution even with the stinger on the end that Gul'dan was still out there.
    That may have been true if
    1. The guy screaming it had not just committed mass genocide and tried to conquer our world with zero effort even put into a redemption story for his character other than the redemption story that an alternate reality version of him had.
    2. Blizz didn't add later on that Yrel just went on to commit her own genocide against the orcs in a holier-than-though crusade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makorus View Post
    The whole "There always has to be a Lich King xD" thing is really really shitty storytelling. Like, its on par with "Draenor is free".
    I don't think it's inherently bad storytelling but I do wish they went a different direction with the implications.

    See, I always suspected it was a trick and that wasn't actually Terenas's ghost but either old God influence (icc was literally made out of yog sarons blood) or a remnant/echo of Ner'zhul trying to get a pawn to take up the helm and allow him to regain control.

    In the end it was just to be taken at face value, which is a shame but not unexpected.

    It did at least set up some of sylvanas's motivations for better or worse. So there's that.

    Overall I still love that cinematic despite the "must always be a Lich King" bit not making much sense.

    OT: Cata by far, it was just so very cringey. And the aspects losing power and "age of mortals" was just so dumb. I hate that cinematic. Worst part is I get the sense that wow team is very proud of that one.

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    For me?

    BfA by a long margin.

    With every other ending, I have had at least a sense of finality for the expansion. This? I just watched it and went "Erm...where is the rest? Isn't something else meant to happen? Just Wrathion's smug shit grin, and one of the most ancient threats known to the planet just melts? Nothing else?"

    Fuck, even a Star Wars style ending celebration showing people cheering around the world would have added a sense of finality to it. This was just bargain basement shit, and feels like an utter rush job to me.

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