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  • WotLK ("No king rules forever.")

    7 2.80%
  • Cataclysm (Fireworks / Aggra is pregnant)

    50 20.00%
  • MoP ("He will stand trial in Pandaria.")

    5 2.00%
  • WoD ("DRAENOR IS FREE3333!!111")

    57 22.80%
  • Legion (see-ya in a few expansions, Illidan)

    1 0.40%
  • BfA (bootleg kame-hame-ha)

    130 52.00%
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    On one hand, WoD had that terrible "We are freeee!" moment. On the other? The big bad the expansion seemed to be hinting at, Sylvanas? She went and jumped ship before the last patch even came out and we got that shitty energy blasting N'zoth away ending instead. Seemed really really hollow.

    My vote is BFA's ending to be worse.

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    I hold out hope for the Mythic ending and hope that it is different like with WoD Archi cinematic.

    ..If not, then yes, absolute trash and a waste of cinematic time -_-
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    Cataclysm and WoD were much better because at least they had emotions, they were not completely soulless. In the Cataclysm ending, you see Alliance, Horde, and Kirin Tor celebrating the defeat of Deathwing, and the final message of the expansion was touching. Deathwing's defeat, the defeat of a near god-like being, the strongest enemy the players had faced at that point, marked the beginning of the age of mortals and the birth of a new generation of guardians.

    The ending of WoD was also good, aside from the Grommash's cringefest. It ended in a sombre touch, as Gul'dan avoided justice and would kickstart the events of Legion. But at the same time, it was touching to see orcs and draenei stand together, the people of Draenor finally rising beyond strife and hatred to build a new society in peace.

    Meanwhile, what emotional impact does 8.3 ending cinematic have? What message is it trying to tell? Nothing. It is literally just 20 seconds of bad Sauron rip-off and flashy effects. There is no substance, no story.
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    I'd say BfA.
    N'zoth was a villain who was lurking in the back since Cata, that character and the Black Empire going under the bus in such a way is a massive waste of lore.

    WoD remains that weird expansion that appeared out of nowhere and wanted to wrap up a three part story in two parts.

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    Definitely Cata. I'll never forget that. "Deathwing just goes *poof*, that can't be the end." "Yeah, that's surely just a placeholder and we'll get an epic cinematic!"
    Well... that didn't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    What was the resolution? Everybody cheering with the mass murderer who started this expansion does not really resolve much.
    It does though. It means that mass murderer isn't seen as the big bad anymore, so the planet that was originally taken from them can recover.

    Yes, it's still dumb that Grom was the one to yell it of all people, and Blizzard should have realized how stupid that would be. But it DID resolve the problems on Draenor. The Iron Horde was already crushed. The Fel Horde was defeated. The threats of alternate Draenor, with the exception of Gul'dan who disappeared through a portal, were resolved with the cutscene. Funny enough - With Grom being the one to yell it as everyone cheers, all of this is made much clearer. If it had been Yrel, would we really know how anybody felt about Grom, or would we know if the problems are resolved?

    You can argue that it's stupid that people don't want to kill Grom - But that doesn't ruin the rest of the cutscene, which wraps up Draenor quite well.

    Literally only 8.3 matters in the 8.3 cutscene. If you haven't played at all through any of BfA, and you watched the BfA cutscene, you'd have equally as much info as to what's happening as someone who tried to pay attention through all of BfA. This isn't an end of expansion cutscene, it only wraps up the patch, whereas the rest of the expansion was already wrapped up in 8.2.5 and not ended for some reason.
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    I'm a huge fan of the character Grom and even I think the "Draenor is free" part is silly. Had there been a patch between BRF and HFC it might have made more sense, but that's all speculation. The line that he utters might be dumb, but the ending felt bittersweet at the moment and actually had a conclusion, regardless of how you felt about it. The Iron Horde has been defeated, demons have been routed out, and Draenor can actually start healing. Sure Gul'dan is on the run, but it's obviously leading to the next expansion, which is fine. A big issue with the BFA one from what I've seen is there's no real follow up and it doesn't feel that good. You know that Sylvanas is still out there, but there's nothing you can discern from 8.3's ending that would lead you to Shadowlands necessarily.

    "There must always be a LK" is still top cringe for me, and basically ruined what hopes I had for that story being continued from WC3. MMOs (at the time anyway) aren't necessarily great mediums for telling good stories, so I set my expectations low, and Blizzard decided to make it even worse. ICC (the base of the citadel and top) looked absolutely amazing, but it felt really shallow.

    MoP is literally the best one because the faction war felt somewhat okay and Pandaria had it's own set of problems that fit in with the overall narrative relating to the Horde/Alliance throughout the expansion. MoP also was fortunate enough to be at a point where they were good at making cinematics. Whether it's the the Horde choosing a new Warchief or the Alliance puffing their chests out (I don't even like Vol'jin), it felt like a quality ending. The trial of Garrosh is obviously pretty lame (happening in a book), but compared to any other expansion it's so far ahead of the rest it's not even funny.

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    The part at the end of WoD where scores of Draenei cheer and exult the genocidal orcish maniac who has slaughtered them for years is ridiculous.

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    BFA for sure. WoD was stupidly written, but at least there was actual dialogue and a tease for next expansion. This one was just horrendous with N'zoth exploding and nothing coming after it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esoy View Post
    Title says all.

    Now that the Nya'lotha raid ending is out, I'd like to know, in your opinion, the WORST raid ending/story wrap-up by expansion (starting with Wrath) and why.
    Wrath of the Lich King: Ruby Sanctum.

    Edit: Sorry, thought you meant raid end of expansion.
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