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    The Russia that is very communist, da.
    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    You clearly do or you wouldn’t have even quoted me over something so marginal. If I said the sky is blue you’d say no it’s a different shade of blue.
    Nah, just that saying most people love Trump is a huge hyperbole.
    Conservatism and its off-shoots are the most rotten idealogies to ever exist in human history.
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    Out here? World of Warcraft.
    IRL? Brussels Sprouts.

    Not sure why, but nobody in my family or my circle of friends can stand Brussels sprouts. Welp, more for me!!
    Hamsters are illegal in Hawaii!
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    I like Trump.

    When I see what he is doing to put America first (What is his job) and trying to keep his promises that he made I consider him one of the better presidents of the last few years. Altho when I speak to ppl or watch the media it is always negative for some reason.

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    Pineapple pizza

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    Running, especially really hard workouts like interval repeats. Even most fit people I know either do running as a chore. Even most runners don't really like the kind of workout that makes you feel like you're going to throw up.

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    I know there are people out there that like them. I know I'm not alone. But, at a party, suggest anchovies on pizza. See what happens. Granted, I love anchovies all by themselves, or on toast, in a salad, whatever. They're delicious, I love 'em, but most people don't like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    Oh, I never meant to berate anyone for using the site for other topics. I don't use the WoW forums much myself because of the concentrated negativity there - which was the target of my jab.
    Ironically, there was no negativity meant by that post of mine! I didn't consider it being berated at all! It actually was just meant as a straightforward explanation from my and a few others perspectives that time. ;P

    Though I do see what you mean about the negativity, which is why I've been gravitating towards Reddit these past few months. Which, if you ask the internet, is a statement that should be considered hypocritical - but really isn't. >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    Running, especially really hard workouts like interval repeats. Even most fit people I know either do running as a chore. Even most runners don't really like the kind of workout that makes you feel like you're going to throw up.
    I hated running until I start getting 20-30 different high energy exercise songs to put in my ipod. Then I started noticing i'd get an endorphin rush as the song's tempo increased. It's weird because the endorphins make me feel like I have more energy after my run than I had before.

    When I tell this to my healthy yet non-exercising friends they always come up with lame excuses like; I don't want to put too much wear and tear on my joints and getting an endorphin rush is for junkies... These guys aren't even obese either, they're just lazy people who don't want to exert themselves beyond a bare minimum.
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    - The Super Mario Bros. movie. I don't care what anyone says I love that movie.
    - Metroid Other M. At least this seems to be a mostly hated game but I thought it was one of the best Metroid games ever. I had a lot of fun with it and I wish they'd make another Metroid game like this.

    Can't really think of anything else at the moment.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    Hipster stuff (indie culture)

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    -Duke Nukem Forever
    -the Virtual Boy
    -Tim & Eric
    -video games that are playable, but the devs dont feel the need to apply patches to fix every little issue with the game. to me certain bugs and quirks are one of the appeals of video games as a medium rather then just trying to be interactive movies. As long as a bug doesn't make a game unbeatable, im good.
    -as someone else mentioned, the Super Mario Bros movie

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