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    Quote Originally Posted by RayoftheSun View Post
    Many times I've seen a lot of arguing over less popular races getting added and people claiming they take up an allied race slot or something like that. Mechagnomes are one of the big ones. However this raises an interesting question. What about the less popular core races we have right now? Lets think about it.

    1. What if we got ogres instead of goblins?
    2. What if instead of gnomes we got etherals?
    3. What if we got dragon people instead of dwarves?
    4. What if we got Abominations instead of pandas?

    These are just a few examples. One could argue for just about every race there would be a much more popular alternative that would be more widely desired. Of course should we always appease to the majority?
    Sorry, but Dwarves are core fantasy. Gnomes and their lore basically call for the synergy from the Goblins. Pandaren could've been an allied rare. Ogres could never be core, nor Eathereals - ESPECIALLY not Abominations.
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    ........ You, sir OP, have some terrible opinions on races.
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    These are not my actual opinions fyi. I think all of the core races are fine. I ask this because there has been a bunch of people who have often been against races like mechagnomes and gilgoblins. This made me wonder how certain people would feel if there were in a situation where a core race stood to come in place of another more popular one.

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