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    The one and only, Evolving Azeroth!
    Paying bills/handling finances
    Shopping (even groceries)
    Play games, mostly this one
    Surf the web with all that entails like browsing Reddit/posting on forums etc
    Store photos and home movies (I store them on 3 separate machines + a cloud service

    I use my phone mostly for watching movies. Either directly on it, or casting to my TV in the livingroom.
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    Playing Solitaire. ow!
    Acquittal doesn't mean exoneration

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    Gaming, shitloads of Wikipedia reading, searching for information regarding technical questions about specific IT systems, porn, music, movies, the usual.

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    I don't use my PC for porn because I don't like sitting in a chair while doing "it". I mainly use my computer for gaming.

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    Work, gaming, checking emails and paying bills.

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    What do I use a pc for?
    How about therapy?
    Case in point:

    I feel so much better now!
    Acquittal doesn't mean exoneration

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    Like most of you I use it to sit around pretending I am always right, you are always wrong, and when in doubt complain to prove everything that was good is now bad because I say so.

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    Gaming, feedly, and movie/show watching. I don't do social media.

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    browsing the interwebz, non-work writing and blogging, storing pictures and doing some touch-up work, bank stuff, not porn, shopping and selling junk. i don't game much anymore.

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    The most important part of my computer is the cup holder. Whoever came up with that was a genius, because it is just what I need. Push the button, the cup holder slides out, and I'm ready for the first of many cups of coffee while I catch up on news, email, and forums or while I'm doing the bit of research that the Great Firewall hasn't blocked *yet*. It also keeps the desk clear when I'm playing computer games. The only problems I have are that it is a bit flimsy and the things are apparently really expensive to fix.
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    Interet stuff
    Photo editing
    Watching movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    I don't use my PC for porn because I don't like sitting in a chair while doing "it". I mainly use my computer for gaming.
    What's wrong with standing in front of your computer or laptop? It's much easier to clean up after.

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