View Poll Results: Who shoudl the Mogu join?

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  • Alliance

    16 11.35%
  • Horde

    48 34.04%
  • Both

    22 15.60%
  • Don't want them playable

    55 39.01%
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    I don't get why people are saying Horde. They are another Titanborn race. Also a stone-related race. Now that there's a noble cultured group of them, I would say definitely Alliance.

    The Ogres would be a very nice counterpart to them for the Horde.
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    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Which faction has most Titan origin races and those races have good relations with Titan keepers. *cough* Bronzebeards bro’s *cough*

    The friendly mogu that serve for Azeroth and titans would join the alliance.

    Why would they join a faction that has no real shared connection with them.

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    The Rajani have nothing to answer for. They weren't active in the world since Ra-den fell into depression after he learned the Pantheon was destroyed and "killed" by Sargeras. The Rajani weren't part of Lei Shens or any other Mogu Emperors armies and empire. That doesn't stop prejudice from others of course, but the Pandaren really aren't known for that kind of stuff and on top of that seem to be able to differentiate between Mogu Clans. Saying the Mogu in general have much to answer for makes no sense. Its like saying the humans of the Kingdom of Lordaeron have to answer for the betrayal of the Kingdom of Alterac. Or for the Bloodhoof Tribe to answer for the actions of the Grimmtotem Tribe. This kind of argument might work for races which wouldn't differentiate, but in case of the Pandaren? I think the Pandaren, or lets say at least those on the side of the Horde (if the Rajani would join the Horde) would probably see the potential allied Mogu have, like Lorewalker Cho and the Golden Lotus did. And if the Rajani would become part of the Alliance, it would be even more true in my opinion for the Tushui.
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