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    [horde] arms warrior 451 - lf 2day raid guild


    I'm looking for a guild with some community to it, I really do love doing Mythic+/arenas even if the latter of the two I'm trash at. I mean, rend, hamstring, mortal strike and pray...... right?

    I've played since Vanilla, mainly as healer but always been a multi-classer, so giving you all my past progressions would be too time consuming, so this expansion I've done;

    Uldir - 8/8M
    Battle for Dazar'alor - 8/9M
    Crucible of Storms - Guild I was in broke down on Jaina.. so I took a break
    Eternal Palace - 6/8M

    And so now comes the question, why move guilds? Well I was healing officer on our court progression a few months back and honestly I've realized that healing isn't for me anymore. So I took a break over christmas and on my return they have more melee than Wales has sheep so they just don't have room for me. So here I am..

    The biggest issue I have is raid days, I'm unable to raid Thursdays and Sundays. Sorry for the inconvience.

    Anyway, I do much better talking than I do typing so feel free to hit me up! I am working on a few classes but I am in loves with my arms warriors.

    Working on;

    Discord - Aon#0949
    Battle Tag - Aries#1327
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