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    This actually poses an interesting question. Is it better to have precious little content with good gameplay, or to have a lot of largely forgettable content with awful gameplay? Is it better being bitten by a lion or by a venomous snake? Would you rather lose a leg or your eyes?

    Because that's how I see the subject at hand.
    Well, statistically, the latter, obviously. Because, well, things like 'fun' and 'entertainment' are highly subjective. If you enjoyed WoD's content, then you were just starved for it. But if you didn't enjoy it, then you basically had no reason to play at all. If you didn't raid back then, you had absolutely nothing. I personally lived through that and if it wasn't for garrisons passively generating so much gold that I could just stay subbed, I would have been out during that time. Couldn't raid due to timezones, so I just had nothing to do.
    BFA in contrast has a lot of stuff, so chances are most people find something enjoyable and entertaining. And if they don't like some content, they usually don't have to do it. Unless they are the kind of person that needs to do everything in order to maximize what they can get, which I feel might be at the core of all this. During both Legion and BFA I never really went out of my way to grind AP hard or anything like that. And I enjoyed myself well enough, even dabbling into mythic raiding. But people who want to at least try to be at the cutting edge, it is probably different.

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    One major problem with WoD and BFA seems to be, ironically, opposite.

    WoD there is only 1 way to progress your character: raiding.
    BFA gave you so much RNG from titanforging and now multiple ranks of corruption that you feel compelled to grind m+ nonstop, and thus diluting character progression to RNG fest.

    There's definitely other issues, but the aforementioned ones are big and somewhat amusing to me.
    I think the latter part really is only an issue for people that feel the compulsion. Blizzard kind of preys on those, sadly. For people that can say "I could, but I don't feel like it" the game is more enjoyable, but they also play less. In common parlance, that is often called 'casual' in a derogative way but to be honest, if people enjoy themselves it really doesn't matter. People should just be introspective and maximize their fun. If they find that they can only do that by maximizing their player power, then they might probably be better off playing something else. And that's not me being snide. If someone doesn't like the way the game currently is, then stopping to play is a valid strategy. They'd probably have more fun anyway and it is also the only way they can actually signal Blizzard that what they do does no longer cater to them. Much more than posting in threads like this, tbh. It might be more cathartic, but it really doesn't do much aside from potentially spreading the unhappiness as they quickly devolve into people trying to convince others that they should not be having fun.

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    I think the most important thing is gameplay and enjoying your class. WoD had little content but gameplay was fun.

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    Yes, bad content is better than no content. However, the rather small amount of content that WoD did provide was good content. So I think it's pretty close.

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    Outside of Gorgrond, which wasn't bad but just unfinished, leveling was fantastic in WoD.

    Compared to BfA, where I kind of hated every zone except maybe Zuldazar in some parts. Filled to the brim with tedious nonsense sidequests that went on for way too long and seemed irrelevant to any plot, let alone the zone or even the expansion story.

    I'll take WoD having fun leveling but a shit end game to BfA having bad leveling and a grindfest endgame 100 out of 100 times.

    Its also funny that people are defending BfA by saying at least its not as bad as the expansion that the community calls the worst one ever. Not a very high bar lol.

    The only thing I liked more about BfA than WoD were the cinematics. In a weird way even the shitty facebook game table in WoD was better than BfA's, because at least you could work toward something every day, the one in BfA seems completely tacked on and entirely unnecessary. But they didn't remove it because...I don't even know why.

    Not having one at all is the best case scenario but if you're going to include it, at least make it useful for something (Since they nerfed the shit out if it as a gold maker from Legion too). In the end the table just became ANOTHER way to gate content with certain essences tied to it.

    Shadowlands might be hot garbage, who knows at this point, but goddamn at least we won't be in BfA anymore. I can't wait based on that fact alone.
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