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    If only certain classes were not forced to play a certain race... cough... DH... cough...
    Seriously, given an opportunity to switch my DH to a vulpera or an undead (undead demon hunter - awesome!), I would do so in a heart beat. But, it requires some actual work to be done, unique models an all that. If only a multibillion dollar company could afford a couple of guys behind a drawing desk to do that stuff for a couple of weeks.

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    Almost every horder character have exalted with Vulperas. So ofc they are at least try it. And not so many ppl farmed mechagon. Especially new ones. Also Vulperas are cute =). And mechagnomes are....well. It was a bad choice for race in my understanding. Ofc some ppl love gnomes and probably even gnomes w/o hands, legs and titan head and glass eyes. But majority rly dont like it. But overall alliance racials much better than horde have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kithelle View Post
    Do you even know what a weeb is? I guess to you Japanese culture is nothing but video games and anime huh? And because you like anime you must totally be into loli...way to make very broad assumptions.
    I'm not into anime or anything related to Japanese culture, a quick google on that word would have given him some clarity on the matter. people like that are simply ignorant. just leave him be.
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    Well, what did you expect? Horde got 2 pretty cool ones and then furries with unique models.

    What did Alliance get? Fatass humans and diaper gnomes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphatorg View Post
    Assuming the source is accurate for the sake of the argument:

    According to warcraftrealms the there is 58% to 42% ratio between Horde and Alliance to begin with, so number of allied race characters being split 50/50 wouldn't actually be balanced.

    Then there is the furry factor, which breaks this comparison, because while Vulpera are Blizzard's recent attempt to harness the furry community on Horde side, their Alliance counterpart is concentrated on Worgen, which isn't part of allied races.

    If you exclude the furry factor and remove Vulpera and for balance sake Mechagnomes you end up with 14476:9601 allied races or 60%-40% furry adjusted split, which comes reasonably close to the overall faction split of the players base.
    So you know how tauren exist?

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    The Alliance really got the short end of the stick with the whole allied races thing. The Horde got allied races that were highly requested such as Mag'har Orcs, Zandalari Trolls, Vulpera and Nightborne (although I'll admit the playable Nightborne model looks abysmall when compared to the NPCs), or ones that were well developed in the story (Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne).

    Meanwhile the Alliance got races that made no sense whatsoever, or ones that literally no one asked for. Void Elves were a complete asspull race, but atleast they're somewhat popular. Meanwhile Lightforged Draenei are what? Draenei infused with the light? Who tf asked for that?

    Kul Tirans are just overweight humans. The males look sort of alright but the females look like soccer moms. Blizzard should had just given us humans that resemble Vrykul, tall, imposing and muscular. But instead they gave us humans with potbellies.

    And finally mechagnomes... Were to start really? Almost no one plays Gnomes, so they decided to give us Gnomes with junk attached to them? They're a niche version of a niche race, did blizzard really think anyone was gonna play them?

    The only allied race that made sense were Dark Iron Dwarves, because they were well established in the lore and already had ties with the Alliance. All the others were a complete disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plehnard View Post
    I was looking out of curiosity at the mecha gnome numbers lately and was shocked about the overall numbers of allied races. I was guessing it was bad but not in that margin.

    Zandalari Troll 5504 19,4 H
    Void Elf 5089 17,9 A
    Nightborne 3895 13,7 H
    Vulpera 3686 13,0 H
    Mag'thar Orc 3164 11,2 H
    HighMountain Tauren 1913 6,7 H
    Dark Iron 1833 6,5 A
    Lightforged Draenei 1832 6,5 A
    Kul Tiran 847 3,0 A
    Mechagnome 591 2,1 A

    (23.Jan.2020 Src: Warcraftrealms)
    Only 31.7% of all allied races characters are Alliance. Given that the numbers of warcraftrealms aren't complete but the margin is big enough to see a strong trend here.
    The only Alliance allied being able to compete are void elves. The rest is played less than the least played horde allied race (Lightforged and Darkiron are close but still less). Mechagnomes and Kul Tiran are over 6 times less played than their counterparts with Vulpera and Zandalari. (Who would have guessed )
    Zandalari alone are more than Lightforged, Darkiron, Kultirans and Mechagnomes combined (19,4% vs 18,1%)

    This is what happens when you give one side races that they wanted and the other one ones that they never asked for.
    Not even about ones the others never asked for but direct slaps in the face to what they asked for, especially mechagnomes. They look like complete shit, and their heritage armor is another slap in the face because its what they SHOULD have looked like as normal customization, not as heritage armor. They give vulpera to horde, a cute fuzzy race completely new, then give mechagnomes with shitty legs which gear looks terrible on, terrible customization then give the real mechagnome look we thought we were going to get as the heritage armor. So not only do mechagnomes look like shit but if you want to look like a REAL mechagnome you can't wear cool looking gear with it cause your transmog is going to be your heritage armor.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keller View Post
    Most people on the internet nowadays need a good spank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphatorg View Post
    the furry factor
    This one always cracks me up. "Furries" are a super niche group in society. The number of them that also play WoW is even smaller.

    You DO know that "the furry agenda" is just a joke made by people like Asmongold, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCowdog View Post
    This one always cracks me up. "Furries" are a super niche group in society. The number of them that also play WoW is even smaller.

    You DO know that "the furry agenda" is just a joke made by people like Asmongold, right?

    Do you have concrete numbers of the furry population? Many of them are living "in the closet" for fear of discrimination. By diminishing their existence you're being part of the problem. And besides: allied races aren't meant to be the default models for everyone, the very point of them is to introduce new niches into player's in-game avatars.

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    Vulpera now overwhelmed the Undead. Any bets how long it will take to overtake Tauren numbers next?
    My guess is 3 weeks.

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